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The custom text/HTML doesn´t move | Forum

Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Aug 11 '18
Hi. Good morning.

In the users profile page, in "CUSTOMIZING" mode, in the head or top area, where you can select them to put them wherever you want, well, you can select it with the mouse, even the dotted line appears, but it doesn´t move from there.

What coul it be?

Is there a possible fix up?


Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Aug 11 '18

here is the issue..

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dave Leader
dave Aug 11 '18
I tried it on FF and it works for me, i held the mouse down and dragged it over to the left bar on the simplicity theme then let go the mouse and its there.   

If its not working for you then it could be a custom theme issue if you are running a custome theme. 

Also i never let members customize their profile, especailly with custom html. 

Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Aug 11 '18
Thanks for your help.

¿FF?... I did try with other theme, with Simplicity SB, but I still couldn´t  move it.
I don´t have users yet, I have "users" that I opened to test it...

I don´t kow what else to do...

Thanks Dave.

dave Leader
dave Aug 11 '18

FF is firefox

Do you use cloudflare?  

If you dont use cloudflare then that is not the issue, so nevermind.

If you do use cloudflare then you need to turn off auto minify under the speed section. 

Other than that youll will need to disable all 3rd party plugins and then test it, if it works then you will need to turn on one plugin at a time and test to see which plugin has the conflict.

You can also try turning on dev mode and see if anything shows as an error. 

And then after that check to see if the console shows any errors when you try to move it.  

Do you know how to look at the console?

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 11 '18
Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Aug 20 '18
Thanks Dave, it was the "Music Extrem Plugin", I had to deactivate one by one all the plugins to find out what was going on...

It has not an update for a long time ago.

Thanks for all your help.

dave Leader
dave Aug 20 '18
Your welcome, i know it sucks to have to do it that but its really the only way.  But you did good and found the issue, good job :)