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File run.php.### auto-generated? Why? Can I stop it? | Forum

Blaire Sep 15 '18
So, I've noticed that my "File Usage" within my cPanel has been rapidly increasing. I FTP'd into the site and I see a massive, massive number of "run.php" files that have been auto-generated. I mean, literally over 40,000 files. They are numbered like from "run.php" to "run.php.1" to even "run.php.20488" and "run.php.44868".

So, I opened a few of them. Just blank files. I assume it is a "log" of when something ran. Okay, whatever. I manually started to delete these. Maybe I shouldn't have just deleted them but it seemed odd to have and removing them didn't seem to change anything with the site.

But I feel like this is silly to have to go through and manually delete all of the time..? I feel like people probably are not doing this for their Oxwall sites..?

So, does anybody have any idea of why "run.php" files are being generated and how I can either auto-delete them or stop them from unnecessarily(?) generating?
Blaire Sep 15 '18
Shoot, I posted this in the wrong forum. Thought I had gone to the Bug Reports and Troubleshooting section. So sorry!
dave Leader
dave Sep 18 '18
if you go to file manager you can delelete them in chunks just hit the checkboxes

i dont believe its normal, i could be wrong but i have not seen that yet.. make sure someone is not running a script on your server. 

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Chris_W Sep 18 '18
Just a guess but the cron php file is called run.php. Check your cron job syntax, and if it isn't there already try adding a space followed by     >/dev/null 2>&1     to the end of the cron command line.

Like so:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/*******/yoursite.com/ow_cron/run.php >/dev/null 2>&1

The Forum post is edited by Chris_W Sep 18 '18
dave Leader
dave Sep 18 '18
OHHHH Chris_W   +1  good catch that went right over my head...