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How to make a oxwall template? | Forum

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Corwin Jan 30 '11
First off i know how to make site but having a bit of a problem with the wall.fm stuff is it only .css i can edit or can i add stuff? IF so how so last time i tryed i was not able.
Arc Maize
Arc Maize Jan 30 '11
You can modify the CSS if you're using wall.fm, but, unfortunately, you do not have full control of the templates because there is no access to the source code; so really, adding much is limited.

The templates are stored under ow_themes in the main directory, which is what wall.fm does not allow access to (to my limited understanding).

I hope that is helpful. I may be wrong on a few details since I'm only just getting familiar with the software. (:
Corwin Mar 20 '11
Does anyone know if i can change the Left dive titles to an other name then the Right Div titles ?

If you don't know what i am talking about here are the steps to know what im talking :D

1) Load demo site. http://demo.oxwall.org/

2) Look for a title called 'Welcome' and 'News feed'

They both are calling the same css line.


I would like to change the left aka 'Welcome' to (main_L-title_01->main_title-icon) and right aka 'News feed' (main_M-title_01->main_title-icon)
This way i can make one have a darkred/darkorange bg and the other have a lightpink/lightblue bg.

-Not really thos colors-

Problems i have been running into.
-You have to delete the template from the 'database' each time you make a little change via 'css' and its a real *B* to do because you have to change it to something other then the one your working on before you do so and you have to delete it via 'database tool' After all that it calls the main template files 24/7 so you can't edit and html *G*