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UPDATE: build 10600 > 10610 changelog - Contact Importer | Forum

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Nov 8 '18
Facebook Contact importer removed due to FB not supporting contacts sharing anymore.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Nov 11 '18

Dear oxwall developer, you've been trying to hinder all your work in the last year.

You have removed a structure that runs on thousands of sites that are already in use.

The Google sign-up plugin is already available, and now you're starting to detract from your old work.

You've stopped your work for us, you stopped your work.

Developers who are encouraged by your behavior are now infuriating us.

We have all the add-ons available, we have purchased paid add-ons and there is no developer help. Oxwall is your preferred loyalty to your business, but you left us in the hands of malicious people.

Please take over your business now.

There is a great goodwill exploitation. The purchased add-ons do not provide any functionality. These people continue to stand in the store, people are officially fooled that people do this on your site.

We have been using oxwall for years, deceiving your successes.

Our advice is to develop all add-ons in the developer council under your auspices.

Instead of 3-party developers, your work and your efforts should be exhibited. It is clear that these are not of any use to you, but the developers both hurt you and us. Please be more precise.

We have chosen you with confidence, but you leave us in the hands of ruthless developers. besides, we have a few employees who are addicted to us and you make us suffer.

At Oxwall site, only your products should be sold and used by all geir oxwall. We ask you to resolve this grievance.

NOTE: Do not forget to stop the non-responding developer accounts, the people who receive paid products will be the victim.

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