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Add a profile question with a specific key? | Forum

Blaire Jan 6 '19
I bought a plugin here and a feature of it does not work. In asking the developer about it, he says that the reason it is missing a feature is because I don't have a profile question using the specific key "match_sex".

I see in my error logs this confirmed:

Message: Undefined index: match_sex File: /home/xyz/public_html/ow_plugins/abc/classes/main_search_form.php Line:547

I know how to add a key ( /admin/settings/dev-tools/languages + Add New Text) but I don't know how to get that key to be applied to become a usable profile question.

The developer wasn't able to provide instructions.

I want to create a profile question using the specific key: match_sex


I want to be able to change a current profile question to use the specific key: match_sex

Does anyone know?

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Jan 7 '19
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Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Jan 7 '19

Unfortunately, we don't know which plugin you are talking about. So probably you need to change the key of the profile question, not the language value as you said.

To change a profile question key, first search for the existing key. To do so, go to the admin area > Users > Profile Questions. Perform a right mouse click on the question row you want to change and search for your debugger / development tools. For Firefox, have a look at this tutorial. In the code you'll find the attribute question_name="xxxxx" (replace xxxxx with the key of your question).

Now, visit your database (e.g. via phpMyAdmin) and make a backup. Then, search for the value xxxxx. Change all occurrences of this value to "match_sex", also if it's part of a string.

JB TECH Jan 7 '19
Not sure what plugin it is, but I believe if a plugin needs a specific profile question to function, it should be creating that unique question key itself.