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Update to 1.8.0 blank page! | Forum

Marcus Mar 8 '19

Hi trying to update to 1.8.4 but after uploading files I get blank page on everywhere why?

My php is 5.4 maybe that's the issue?

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Mar 8 '19
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AppXprt Mar 8 '19
Please post your logs as there are way to many things that could be happening.

Did you replace your .htaccess file with the one from 1.8.4?

Do you have rewrite enabled (Probably since you were on 1.8.0)

I have a Plugin for this and can fully do this for you for $49, but it only works with PHP 7, as PHP 5 is no longer officially supported.
Chris_W Mar 8 '19

Check for the correct URL in ow_includes/config.php

If you just overwrote the files with 1.8.4 try going to yoursite.com/ow_updates in your browser.

Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 8 '19
During the first recording, the system is recording your data. To edit this status, check the folder info.xml and then manually re-enter the version to edit the data record. You must edit an update package to perform your actions manually. Then visit this address (site.com/ow_updates) to download the update.
Marcus Mar 9 '19
Hi guys. Thanks very much for your replies. Unfortunately I believe that since my PHP version is 5.4 and 1.8.4 uses functions from php5.5 that cases errors. I conform that by trying to install 1.8.4 from scratch.
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AppXprt Mar 9 '19
You should definitely consider updating to a newer version of PHP.
Marcus Mar 10 '19
Thanks buddy. I did it once and was a disaster since I am hosting more than one site on same server lol
AppXprt Mar 10 '19
I can help you with all of that if you have a little to spend towards my development efforts.