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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 6 '19

Can someone tell me how I can set which icon to show in the main menu?The code I use in activate.php of this plugin is:
OW::getNavigation()->addMenuItem(OW_Navigation::MAIN, 'memberads_view_index', 'memberads', 'menutext_value', OW_Navigation::VISIBLE_FOR_ALL);
OW::getNavigation()->addMenuItem(OW_Navigation::MOBILE_TOP, 'memberads_view_index', 'memberads', 'menutext_m_value', OW_Navigation::VISIBLE_FOR_ALL);
I would like to change it by push-pin, which is what I have put in the widgets, but in the menu I can not find how to define what I want.This icon has themes that show them and others that do not, so it is not a problem because the same thing happens with all the themes that show icons in the menu.In the image, I mark it in blue.

JB TECH Apr 21 '19

$general = new BASE_MenuItem(); $general->setLabel(OW::getLanguage()->text('supportcenter', 'support_title')); $general->setUrl(OW::getRouter()->urlForRoute('supportcenter-support')); $general->setKey('support'); $general->setIconClass('ow_ic_help'); $general->setOrder(0);

There's an example from our "Support Center+" plugin for rendering a page menu. In setIconClass, you want 'ow_ic_push_pin'.


The Forum post is edited by JB TECH Apr 21 '19
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 21 '19

Thanks, JB TECH.

Yes, it was silly but when you know it.

It's nice for me that there are developers to help the developers that started with OxWall.

I have spent my whole life dedicated to programming but in other environments.

I firmly believe that what will give future to OxWall is that there are people working with him on plugins even if he is not professional and "knows everything".

Only with people who install it and do not know anything and people who sell customized solutions ... those of us in the middle do not learn anything and we are the majority.

Again thanks.

JB TECH Apr 22 '19

Oxwall lacks a sufficient documentation for developers. A lot of them have said "ah what we have is good enough just look at other plugins and the core," and while that is certainly true and certainly part of studying the software, good documentation is a must. Oxwall's wiki is a bit outdated with some irrelevant info, and the plugin skeleton only accomplishes so much.

The problem is documenting at this point would be very time consuming for whoever would volunteer.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 22 '19

Surely somewhere there is some software that allows you to edit a document among several. We could keep it between everyone, at times loose.

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