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Use ontouchstart rather than onclick for mobile files only | Forum

dave Team
dave May 20 '19
I just learned this so thought i would share it.  If you are having an issue with your onclick not working on mobile then change onclick to ontouchstart  

for example:  

if you have 


and its not working then (FOR MOBILE FILES ONLY) change it to 


and it will work on mobile now.... 

This drove me nuts for a few days now... I HATE WORKING WITH MOBILE


Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany May 20 '19
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Catkin May 21 '19

Definatly getting things to work on mobile is a pain much of the time.

Thank you for the heads up Dave!

dave Team
dave May 21 '19
Thanks Jamie... 

it would have been an easy find if they would make using the console easier to apply to mobile.  Mobile console is a total pain, 

1. You either have to use usb remote and give full access to the software, which i wont do because of security reasons.  How do i know that someone is not making a copy of all my phone data ya know. 


2. Install some huge software for developing mobile aps and set it up so that you can view web url using its emulator.

Neither of these options IMO is acceptable. How can they develope mobile and not make it easy to just open up the console right on the phone, just like we do with desktop. But no your pretty much flying blind without the exhorbinate time investment in setting up the tools.  You are stuck with simple alert() and that only goes so far. 

Its crazy and frustrating... and that is saying it politely.  :)

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Catkin May 21 '19
I have noticed that myself. When in chromes Developer View and you select it to emulate a touch screen device its hard to tell if the mouse acts like... well, a mouse or it emulates a finger on the screen.
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