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Oxwall + phpBB...integration possibility? | Forum

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Blaire May 20 '19
I run a phpBB board on another site. I was wondering if anyone knows of any integration between Oxwall and phpBB? Has anyone done it?

The forum on Oxwall certainly is very "basic" (just simple and bare of features) but the profiles on phpBB are equally just as dull. I was thinking that if these 2 systems could integrate then I could transition to Oxwall also on the other site. It seems they would benefit from each other, and I know my members would love having better profiles and social interaction outside of the direct phpBB forum.

Has anyone integrated the 2 so the database share the same users?
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye May 22 '19

You can use any system by integrating it into the plug-in system. The core-core structure allows a custom link structure for each plugin.

The wiki plugin that was made earlier contains the example you're saying.

ArtMedia May 23 '19

this is possible, but you must edit oxwal and phpbb registration functions, where you add:

- on oxwall registration you must write code, which will be creating account on phpbb

- on phpbb registration you must write code which will be creating account on oxwall

dave Leader
dave May 23 '19
I wrote a phpBB bridge module for WHMCS years back.  When a hosting customer registered for hosting using WHMCS client side, it would automatically create a phpBB account for them and even assign them a random username using part of their registration name.  

When i retired from full time development i made my most popular modules free and put them up on the WHMCS forum for all to use. 

If your a developer you can just download the module and youll see how it connects to phpBB (there is a file for each phpBB version) and creates the account. 

I had considered this awhile back but i could not see why anyone would have a situation of needed to sign up for another forum when they have the one in oxwall, even if it is limited in features.  

If there is a call for this i can do the plugin easily, but i wont do it for just one person.  So you are welcome to download the free module for WHMCS and do what you can on your own or wait until there is more need and myself or someone else will do a plugin. 

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