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Forum - Search function displays 500 Internal Server error | Forum

Hennesen Jul 10 '19

Hello everyone,

I am running a website with Oxwall and all is fine except for the search function (Standard Forum Module). When someone uses the search function, the page displays the following error:

Error details: Type: Exception Message: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'rows' at line 23 File: /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/database.php Line: 723 Trace: #0 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/database.php(723): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/database.php(385): OW_Database->execute('\r\n S...', Array) #2 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/search_entity_dao.php(387): OW_Database->queryForRow('\r\n S...', Array) #3 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_system_plugins/base/classes/mysql_search_storage.php(277): BOL_SearchEntityDao->findEntitiesCountByText('photos', Array, 0, 0) #4 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/text_search_manager.php(303): BASE_CLASS_MysqlSearchStorage->searchEntitiesCount('photos', Array, 0, 0) #5 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/bol/text_search_service.php(285): OW_TextSearchManager->searchEntitiesCount('photos', Array) #6 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/bol/forum_service.php(1924): FORUM_BOL_TextSearchService->countGlobalTopics('photos', NULL) #7 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/controllers/search.php(472): FORUM_BOL_ForumService->countGlobalTopics('photos', NULL) #8 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/controllers/search.php(66): FORUM_CTRL_Search->searchEntities(Array, 'global') #9 [internal function]: FORUM_CTRL_Search->inForums(Array) #10 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/request_handler.php(250): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(FORUM_CTRL_Search), Array) #11 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/request_handler.php(226): OW_RequestHandler->processControllerAction(Object(ReflectionMethod), Object(FORUM_CTRL_Search)) #12 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_core/application.php(346): OW_RequestHandler->dispatch() #13 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/index.php(76): OW_Application->handleRequest() #14 {main}

I am running a couple of other websites with Oxwall and never experienced this problem. Grateful for any suggestions people might have.

Thank you.

Catkin Jul 10 '19
Enable Dev mode and screenshot the page then with more information
Hennesen Jul 10 '19
Thanks for your quick reply. Please see the attached screenshot.
  debug.PNG (59Kb)
Catkin Jul 11 '19
So looks like it's a SQL error in the Forum plugin?

Can't say more than that. Someone else should be able to solve the error itself 

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 11 '19

Edit the ow_system_plugins / base / bol / search_entity_dao.php file

on line 415 insert the code that I show in the image

Put the web in DEBUG mode https://wiki.oxwall.com/plugin-tuts:enable-debug

Reproduce the problem and take a screenshot.

Undo the changes in the file

Enter the web to register the changes in this file

Turn off the DEBUG mode

Put us here the screenshot, to see if we can help you

Hennesen Jul 11 '19


Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions and got the following message (see screenshot).

Thanks again for your help.

  Error_Message_2.PNG (18Kb)
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 12 '19

It is a complex sql query that searches based on what other tables return.

It is not a code error but there is some record in an incorrect table.

You would have to access the database to execute these queries individually and note that each one returns to find the problem.

Maybe other people can think of other methods to solve this without deleting contents of the forum, but without being able to access the database I can not think of how to do it.

Hennesen Jul 15 '19

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your response. Ok, I'll give it a go, database stuff is not my stronghold unfortunately but I'll see how I go. Any other hints and tricks more than welcome. Thanks.