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move site to new server now can't see site in chrome browser? | Forum

Low Aug 18 '19
I recently moved my website over to "FastComet" for more speed. Well now when i go to the site in *google chrome, i get this error

This page isn’t working rainbowhuntin.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTSnow if you go to rainbowhuntin.com with chrome that page loads fine, but as soon as you click on the link for the communtiy it gives me that this page aint working, but if you go to firefox anything else it works. 
i have cleared all of my caches and cookies and still nothing, what am i doing wrong or what is wrong?

dave Leader
dave Aug 19 '19
If you have moved your site within the last 24 hours it could be that it has not propagated to the new server yet.  And most likely that you are getting the dns cache version in FF but not chrome this is why one works and one does not. 

Clear your dns cache as well and see if FF bombs also.   To clear your dns cache on your pc do this   

at the commad prompt type    ipconfig /flushdns    (there is a space after config)

you can check your site propagation here   https://dnschecker.org/

you can also try accessing your site under just the domain name without http and see what happens.

if all of that looks ok and it still bombs on google and we can go to the next step. 

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 19 '19
Low Aug 22 '19
We cleared everything and still no luck. no idea what is going on here.

rainbowhuntin.com redirected you too many times.

dave Leader
dave Aug 23 '19
i loaded it on chrome and it loaded fine for me 
Low Aug 23 '19
for some reason not on my side. we have cleaned the cookies and everything on this computer. i just tried on my cell phone and still nothing.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Aug 23 '19

Moving status to a new server:

1-After the move (2-3 days) site may not be displayed.

This is caused by DNS - IP and server activation. This may vary depending on the broadcaster.

Make your DNS settings at the end of the migration.

Verify your Whois record.

Verify your Cname and IP registration.

2-I recommend that you check the server requirements before migration. I remember that Dave opened a very clear topic on this. There are many resources in this forum.

3-Check your security settings.

4-Check the correct domain address and folder. Try opening a simple index.hml. In case index.html opens, configure the following.


user.ini the


For more problems, please follow these instructions.

1-site.com/error.log Report registration.

2-site.com/ow_log/error.log Report your listing.

Low Aug 25 '19
it was something to do with the HTTP part, got it fixed.