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Eric Pickering
Hello, I was looking through the store and was wondering if there was a plugin that was available that upgrades forums and can even make a topic private and only viewable for those involved or upgrades the private messaging system. This is a request that has come from the vast majority of my users.
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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn Leader
Can the topics in the forum be useful within a private group?

Eric Pickering
Not really. They're currently using groups instead of forums for just 2 people and setting the group to private. So it shows 0 activity on the site and this has grown to half our active groups and thus our viewable activity has plummeted by 50%. Hense the issue at hand. 
Eric Pickering
Which of course means people joining has gone down as well. Since they're viewing our website as inactive.
Patricia Zorrilla Bcn Leader

I understand that you create these groups to keep chats private.

I can think of possible plugins:

Inform in newsfeed that a hidden group has had activity (without saying what activity) and recommends requesting admission to the owner

Prevent groups with less than x members or prevent anything from being published until they have enough members, encouraging them to invite people

Self-eliminate groups that do not have enough activity and members after a certain time

Limit the number of groups a member can create based on their user role

dave Leader
dave Sep 22
I requested a fix for setting forum privacy years ago, and if i can find the post i even layed out exactly what the issue was.   If i recall part of the fix required additional coding and adding a new field to the table but im not 100%   Ill try to find the post, ross promised they would fix the issue right away but well i guess they did not. 
Defunct Sep 22
Google Search works really well for searching oxwall forums instead of the built in search feature.
dave Leader
dave Sep 22
Yes that is what i normally use but i am not able to find anything. I know the support forum had a issue at one time and i think some posts were lost, i hope this is not one of them because it was a challenge to figure out the issue with private forums.   It could have been that i sent a private message  or posted it in the oxwall vote deal.   I am still looking.