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Scene CMS 2.1.1 Released | Forum

AppXprt Sep 9 '19
Initial Release of Scene CMS 2.1.1 (20101) includes ALL commits from Oxwall Github plus updated Vendor Libraries, some Fixes and Mobile Additions:




Registration Required and Site is Currently set to Mandatory User Approval for Exclusive User Previews to be determined upon user creations.

Plugin for Automatically Updating to Scene 2.1.1 is waiting approval in store.

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 10 '19

AppXprt, I remind you that you blocked me in the OxWall forum.

I can't answer the messages you send me.

This is one of the failures of the MailBox plugin ... It does not notify the sender that your message cannot be answered.

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AppXprt Sep 10 '19
Unblocked, sorry about that!
Steve Sep 10 '19
Can't even check things out still waiting approval.
AppXprt Sep 10 '19
Fixing an issue with PHPMailer in the initial package, should have this fixed tonight and will approve all pending users tomorrow.


Steve Sep 11 '19
Screw it I was going to check it out but when I tried to login it said there was no such account then when I registered it said I had to wait for approval  again...Not worth my time. 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 13 '19
Has anyone managed to access https://scene.appxprt.com/ ??? 
Steve Sep 13 '19
Not me...Still waiting approval 
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AppXprt Sep 13 '19
Approved, still working on a few bugs. Working on multiple projects so hang in there with me...
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 13 '19

Well, when you have time, answer:

1) What is the objective?

2) Do you need development assistance, or are you only looking for beta testers?

3) We need to know which parts to check and look at, just as you don't have infinite time to try everything

AppXprt Sep 14 '19
Goal is to extended Oxwall and provide PROPER fixes for various issues as well as providing built in PWA and Push Notifications.

Yes we would appreciate assistance in development.

Current additions include the pulling of all GitHub Oxwall/Oxwall commits and upgrades to ow_library / vendor libraries.

I'm currently finishing AppXprt.com App Export / Generator and it is building full Android Apps in around 5 minutes.

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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 14 '19

Excuse me, gentlemen, I don't get it.

Now is a new side version coming out?

Otherwise I just edited my ow_library configuration.

When I looked at the Github work, I saw the demands and changes of some problems.

I wonder;

What's in this side version?

Is the kernel arrangement structure arrangement?

Is kernel content editing additional request?

How is this update different from the others?

Are these changing kernel editing requests being sent to the github / oxwall on the insert request?

AppXprt Sep 14 '19
It's a new fork of Oxwall, but is being done PROPERLY while still being tied to the original Oxwall Github Repo and has pulled in all their commits. Scenilator Plugin is what actually updates libraries, but I'll be updating the Scene CMS GitHub with these soon.

What do you mean by the kernel stuff? The Oxwall Core? I'm confused by your questions, what are you asking exactly?

How is it different from the others? 

I'm sticking with proper development methods and the fork will likely remain tied to GitHub Oxwall/Oxwall for comparison and sharing commits, the way it should be done.

Also, I actually know what I'm doing? Now if I could just find the time and money to focus on this...

LoL Everyone wants a new version, but no one really wants to contribute financially and I shouldn't have to point out that no one likes to work for free...

How many people like to work for free here? 

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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 14 '19

I was talking about the Oxwall core file system.

Your words are true, there are many people who want to see something new. There's no doubt about that, but there's a problem, and it's a big problem. What happens to Oxwall, everyone knows that oxwall has stopped all work.

In my personal interview, he told me he was going to do it, but the return version cheated. I think he could have returned with the promised system 10 times in 2.5 years. Now the best idea for oxwall is to move it to a new platform in my personal opinion. These days the github library may have been corrected, and a few PHP issues may have been solved. What a surprise awaits us in the future.

To be honest, I moved the oxwall system to a different dimension in a year. I want to design an original social network. I think it will get better with the latest version and the addition of updates.

Many people offer their own update package for Oxwall, to be honest, I think it's all for the benefit. Moving intended people to their communities. We are not oxwall employees but we defend their rights because of our respect for the owner. We don't have an expectation, we just expect honesty. many developer products do not work, many plug-in version error.

If there is no money, there is no benefit from people.

The other thing is that I do not know the full meaning, I would appreciate if you inform me.

SCENE CMS 2.1.1 What is the goal, why should we implement it? man I make arrangements with my own cabalarımlar missing information. I want you to tell me as someone who knows. I would like to add a necessary editing case to my work.

AppXprt Sep 14 '19
I'm the creator of multiple plugins here in the store including the only 3rd party PWA's and Hybrid Android / IOS Apps as far as I'm aware. I'm also the creator of AppXprt.com which turns any mobile website into Android Apps in 5 minutes which will be launching Q1 2020.

I'm planning on integrating at least my PWA Pro into Scene Premium and possibly the hybrid app stuff...

We have known security issues that need to be fixed and that we need to implement immediately.

Part of the goal is better security as well as more features and functionality, which I think everyone here knows I can deliver on.

I have MANY ideas and some code that no one has even...

I may even integrate something like Inspire into Oxwall Blogs / Forums / Timeline and for Ads:


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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 14 '19
Well, we will illustrate how to collaborate, AppXprt, if there is any GitHub that can be accessed or something similar.At the moment in https://appxprt.com we are six members and there is no topic in the forum.I don't understand why so much secret. The OxWall core has no serious failures, there are thousands of communities functioning. Most problems are given by the plugins and will not be fixed by updating libraries.I do not see in Chamial or in Scene that I work on the problems I usually encounter when I repair a damaged OxWall installation: kernel attempts to position a widget that does not exist because the plugin that created it has been removed, JavaScript interference between one plugin and another and the like, which all end in "Error 500" and the entire web blocked because the kernel is not able to ignore any type of error and dispense with the use of a plugin or a widget that does not work well.If we work for free, do not forget that we are a community of fans.We'll be alert.
Quote from AppXprt Goal is to extended Oxwall and provide PROPER fixes for various issues as well as providing built in PWA and Push Notifications.

Yes we would appreciate assistance in development.

Current additions include the pulling of all GitHub Oxwall/Oxwall commits and upgrades to ow_library / vendor libraries.

AppXprt Sep 14 '19
Yes the Github is https://github.com/AppXprt/Scene

Patricia, please add any contributions you like and I will be adding PWA, App and Push Notifications to the core.

Any Secrecy is only related to AppXprt's Proprietary Infrastructure and there really isn't any in Scene, just a lack of information at the moment.

I could really use some help with documentation, forums, blogs, etc...

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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 15 '19

I still have trouble understanding ..!

There is a difference in the sites reviewed, likely from the fact that it has just begun.

But I think you need to create a day and progress project and mention it in a new document.

Example: nextjobs.text / scn cms CHANGELOG.txt

Humans should see what changes are, I can express as follows. I'll start working with you as a system developer. Therefore, I would like to use the changes myself, but if I do not see who is doing what, this will produce false results.

We, as developers, aim to reach people, in this case we need to do something. To illustrate the need to follow the right path, the friend who developed chaima was able to do so. He set up a help center and added a system log.

There is nothing on your site other than your own plug-ins. There will be a project that I will follow closely.

You're mad at the developers, but think about it.

Some people open a domain address and copy an oxwall. Then I did it, it's my job, all the rights are mine, then they turn public mode into private.

In this case, people using oxwall have significant problems.

Unable to get updates, new add-ons create problems.

What we want is clear;

To put the contents at regular speed without leaving the original oxwall family. Mailbox plugin is the most compelling extension of the site opening, the most missing in all studies in this study. Oxwall has no visual and media support. Security issues not regulated. I did a research for CSM 2.1.1. As a result of this research, it is stated that there are many security problems.

Now let's talk about the right steps;

1-You said that I am a successful developer in your works, you say that there are jobs that many people do not have. In this case, prepare them first. But remember that it cannot be reviewed without adding a log.

AppXprt Sep 15 '19
I'm sorry Oxwall Türkiye, I'm very busy and working on multiple projects with Scene being at the bottom of the list at the moment. I also don't have time to hold hands and spoon feed individuals at the moment. I've been very clear about the goals and ambitions of this project as well as what is to be included, of which I already have the supporting code. I don't have time to talk about all of this as much as I would like, because I'm fully immersed in finishing AppXprt. 

Feel free to message me and I will answer any questions I can as time allows and I perhaps can translate to your language for better understand if this is related to a language barrier.

For the Record, I'm not mad at any developers, just disappointed...

Say and Feel however you want, this is going to exists regardless.

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