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php 7.1 + issues on oxwall 1.8.4 friday the sept 13th 2019 | Forum

lisa Sep 13 '19

hello forum

i posted comments about this topic issue im haviing in another thread, that i respectfully said i assumed it was related , but i was told yesterday to make a new topic so here i am

i can assure all replies to that forum i followed all steps and yet i am still have these php 7.1 issues on version 1.8.4

1.i cant post comments wth or without pictures because the comments disappears after a brwoser refersh on my profile page

2 if i post a comment the comment disappears after refresh the browser, this is on my profile page

3.the only way i saw some improvemt is when i add the files from the patch of chamail software , then the comments stayed after refresh but when i manage to add a picture and comments it wont stay after refresh of the browser

i will not allow access to my backend admin.....i dont know who are the responders on this forum ..no disrespect

and so again i followed all steps in the previous forum

but still have php 7.1 issues above

also i followed all the steps given by this forum member but i dont get this one


Oxwall Türkiye Sep 8

please use a few posts open now about this issue.The forum page will open in your search for PHP 7 issues.You can make a copy from this source where new edits are added.
Re-add the contents of ow_libraries to your site.Remove all old content and add all the resulting files.



what does this mean?

dowmload this code and upload to my webapp folders?

or just the ow_libraires?

sorry but when giving intrsctuctions plz be clear thats what prgamming is all about

clear step by step instructtions explicit

but its ok i know you trying to help

but i can assure i being respectful to prevoius forum, i only posted cuz i thought it was related and also i folwed all steps and i will not allow access to my backend unless i receive proof this is an oxwall adminstrator

thank you for patiencsice


here is orginal post


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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Sep 13 '19

Lisa, you have problems that are not usual, so there is no standard answer for you.

It is necessary that someone with deep knowledge of the OxWall kernel and the plugins that are working poorly check your system.

There are very good programmers here and professionals who are also in other projects that can try to solve it. Some charge and others do not. If you do not want to open the engine door to the mechanic, you will be left with the breakdown.

I don't understand Oxwall Türkiye's answers either, but I suppose it is the translation of his language into English and then mine. It is sad that he does not respond when you answer that you have not understood him, and it is also sad that he does not explain himself better and give confusing answers.

I think you are despising the help they offer you without having looked at who they are, their reputation, their contributions to the community for years, the help they have provided, the plugins they have for sale, etc. They are not offered to help you new people but people who enter this forum every day, some because it is their hobby and others because it is their business or both. I think you should apologize for your mistrust instead of feeling insulted. This is a community of OxWall developers and users, we are not interested in your users or your content. We don't steal users, I've been in OxWall since it was invented and I've never heard anything about it.

Do not expect an answer from OxWall administrators because they have gone to SkaDate years ago. Luckily now we have a moderator, a couple of years ago we had this forum full of spam and out of place topics everywhere.

Do what you want and good luck with your decision.

Steve Sep 14 '19

Lisa Patricia Zorrilla Bcn is correct in what she has said, I trust a few but yet I do not use a control panel for either of my sites hell I don't even have ftp setup yet because I am still learning about Ubuntu 18.04. But besides that Dave, Patricia,  ArtMedia and Chris_w I would trust along with Sergey with my control panel and ftp info to chweckout what is going on in order to fix the problem or to give you the information you need to correct the problem yourself.

Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 14 '19

Please ask your server administrator. Get answers to all these questions.

Server requirements:

Make sure your host meets the following hosting requirements:


    Apache 2 or higher with:

        mod_rewrite on

        mod_security (strict configurations) off

        cURL on

        fopen on

        register_globals off

        safe_mode off

        suPHP off

        suApache off

        suhosin off

    PHP modules:









    MySQL from 5.0 to 5.6

    GD Library 2 with FreeType support

    Mail server (SendMail, Exim or other)


Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Sep 14 '19

See in addition: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/47341

This connection is a big answer.


Dear friend, we really want to help you. Please trust me without fear.

Please allow FTP access to do a proper package installation for you.

If there is a problem with this installation, you may find that the problem is server-related.

As our friend put it, your problem cannot be solved with a single topic. you have a lot of problems, we need to see that they are software and server based.

Please be fair; You see a lot of friends want to help you. But you refuse all help, you want to correct the problem yourself. But you do not yet have the knowledge to install.

I told you that you need to authorize FTP login.

I asked you to provide a site address.

You gave a negative answer, you may not trust. But you must allow someone on the developer list.

Please allow one of the friends in the plugin developer list to log in to the forum answers. Otherwise, we can't help you.

lisa Sep 14 '19


i have sent an email to my current host provider

with a copy of all the server requirements as you provided to me here

soon as i have feedback i will update here


just to be clear i have built my webapp with this code as suggested to me


thank you for the replies


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dave Leader
dave Sep 17 '19
Lisa, since you are using the chamial verion of oxwall you probably should post for support on their site.  Since chamial has made core changes, what is going to happen is that if we continue to support chamial here on this forum we could actually make users issues worse because its not oxwall its chamial-oxwall. 

So i think its better to have chamial-oxwall support on their site and oxwall support on this site to save users headaches. 

The Forum post is edited by dave Sep 17 '19
lisa Sep 18 '19


i just wanna say for me latley its been really really confusing

i have no idea whats going on

for me its all one entity or whatever one software

like i havent heard from oxwall in 3 years +

and so i have no idea what this chamail is

but its very brave and awesoeme of these coders progammsers to try and make 1.8.4 compatible to php 7+

i make allot of work to make it work better on php 7 alot of work

but still more work to be done

and i was in the middle of doinga static test with docker pahan which i am still trying to get how it all works when isomehow i can across this improvement that it seems now as you say its a complete new team

i salute this team cuz there has been some progress with the full or just the patch they offered but iverall still many bugs

so overall i agree wiht you that its here for oxwall and elsewhere for this chamail softwar

its alot to get to understand


lisa Sep 18 '19

actually the only reason i have come to use this chamail software is because a member here refered me to it

i had no idea before

so its here on this forum that i was directed to chamail

see all the previous posts plz and you will see

The Forum post is edited by lisa Sep 18 '19
lisa Sep 18 '19

so point is while i was doing me usaul work of trying to get my 1.8.4 to run on my 1and1 host and to fix php 7+ bugs, i found some realted posts on the NET in this forum that i felt were similiar ti my issues and i stated to post here on a prevoius thread asking for help on how to fix my bugs on 1.8.4 ox and as i said i was given a link to upload code that now it seems ior is a totally different sofyware team

i certainly did not start using that software and then come to the forum

well anyways  thxz


lisa Sep 30 '19

i just want to thank everyone for their comments on this topic post

i really appreciate it