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eCommerce Shop Pro Stage level Status not working {anyone can help?} | Forum

Ash Nov 21 '19
Hello All,

Any developer can please help me resolve this https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/274 shop pro plugin errors.. ?
Once the product is listed and when some one buys the product the notifications are coming proper but Seller is unable to change processing stage >Init > to Processing>>directly getting delivered status

Ash Nov 22 '19
The biggest problem in oxwall is now how to get the existing plugins we buy to get solved? 

This Shop Pro plugin must be thrown away .... and why dont any other developer makes same plugin of good quality and replace it? it will help so many non tech people like me!

Point is straight - i believe in buying and not hacking peoples plugin, i respect the hard-work goes behind coding and testing and the time and energy behind the support for the sale.

Now if i am following rules then why i am getting cheated??? 

Oxwall should really take a step to safeguard our hard earned money not to get wasted like this!

Can anyone atleast guide me how do i report a complain on my transaction for thi plugin?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 22 '19

You have to do a cleaning in the store.

But they will not, so that it is not depopulated.

As users, we must ask in the forum before buying.

You have lost 30USD, nobody will compensate you.

The really important thing for the community (the 4 that we have left) is that we talk, let's comment, that if a plugin is good, we will put good comments. But if it is bad our pulse should not tremble when writing.

How many plugins do you have that you haven't commented on? Not writing comments - good or bad - is contributing to neglect.

Answering your question, you only have one possibility and it is claiming PayPal.

Ash Nov 22 '19
I commented but the moderator asked me to first go and check with the developer... now in this case even the developer is banned so i land up here
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 22 '19

Welcome to OxWall.

I also bought a "hair growth" and I'm bald. I think English speakers call "snake oil" to be victims of advertising.

Claim PayPal, OxWall executives will not do anything.

Look for developers who have an active community based on OxWall, ask for a plugin before paying, look for friends in OxWall community, don't just be a customer. Or you will be a victim.

Aron is a recognized scammer and that's why he was expelled. That your plugins are still for sale has already been commented several times.

However, Artmedia, Dave, Senior Developper and others will not let you down.