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Mass mailing is no longer being sent | Forum

Rob Jan 13

Is there anyone who knows how we can solve the problem of no longer sending a mass mailing.?

The problem arose after the 1.8.4 was upgraded to the Chamial version.

In the meantime a reverse update has been done with which the whole should be restored to the original 1.8.4 version.

At the bottom this version is indeed displayed, however the mass mailing is no longer sent.

We have thought to reinstall the website, but then the members will lose everything they have placed on the website.

Exporting members data and then importing it back into the newly installed website seems to be difficult or even impossible.!

Someone from the experienced developers have an idea.?

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

Chris_W Jan 13
How did you do a reverse update?

In the past to revert from Chamial or OWengine, I created a zip file of all the files and folders except for ow_incudes - ow_userfiles  -  .htaccess and robots.txt then uploaded it to the site root folder and unzipped it overwriting existing files and folders. Then went into the database in phpMyAdmin  changed the version/build number to the correct one.

I have done this four time, and it worked every time.

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Rob Jan 13

We received a link from Marco.: https://www.chamial.com/docs/faq/oxwall-to-chamial/how-to-remove-patch-oxwall-to-chamial/  where we could download this update or actually downgrade.

Then we had to manually change the version in phpmyadmin.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader

I have all versions of both.

The problem is that Chamial changed the text that is as a comment in all the top of the files, so to be able to compare them with WinMerge (or similar) you have to pass the two directory trees through a tool that removes the comments. Of these there are several, but I don't know any that processes whole trees ... Only single files, and they are hundreds.

Perhaps it is easier to find out why OxWall is not working, but it requires access to the control panel and spend a few hours.

There are several developers around here who do not think they ask you for much money to solve this, it does not seem complicated.

I don't charge for doing these things, but I don't have time, I work on other things and I'm also updating my ads plugin. 

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Rob Jan 13

Sorry Patricia, but we can no longer follow you now because we have no knowledge in development.

We are not even concerned about what it would cost, we just want the website back in the 1.8.4 version and of course everything works as it should be.

Marco appeared positive to us when he proposed the reverse update, but it just didn't have the right effect.

There are paying members associated with this website from us, so we must be careful what we do.

The utopia of Marco to make Oxwall a lot better has unfortunately not worked, but unfortunately we are left with the aftermath.

We understand that you are very busy, but we are happy that you and Chris have responded, which is not always the case here at Oxwall unfortunately.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader

Ebenezer Obasi, ArtMedia and some more are dedicated to these things professionally.

In your profile here they advertise, I recommend asking them for help ... They have a very good reputation.

AppXprt Jan 15
Creating an OxRevert plugin tonight if I have time that should make quick work of this and will either be $1 or free... Haven't decided yet... As a developer, I have to make money or I wont be able to develop any more, but at the same time this is kind of needed for some friends :-)
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Rob Jan 16

AppXprt, we could greatly appreciate that.

Even though it seems again that Oxwall ceases to exist and we are already looking for a better alternative, your plugin would help us a lot now.

Whether it is for free or whether it needs to be purchased, that does not matter to us.

We appreciate your effort.!

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia

ArtMedia Jan 16

i remember that chamial have updated mailer library for newest version and this require also edit oxwall core, so this could be related with this.

you can hire me to investigate problem, i need access to server logs, server ftp and admin panel to investigate problem

Nancy George
Nancy George Feb 12

PLEASE HELP ME!  I am not very computer literate and am needing help with the mass email in the admin panel, version 1.8.4

I used to be able to mail out unlimited emails at a time but now my hosting provider tells me I can only mass email 500 email every hour.  The problem is I have no option in mass email which will limit the number of emails that I send out.  Does anyone know how I may solve or get around this issue?  This is pretty urgent as I have mail that needs to go out before 2/14 Valentine's Day  :(

Marcus Feb 13
As I see it you've got 2 options.. Purchase Smtp servirse outside your host or set up ow to use Smtp and limit how many emails are getting send by editing mail.php or mailer.php don't remember which one. Search this forum there is a discution of mine on similar issue.

OW is set to send using Smtp 500 mails per day you can djust that by editing core code. 
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