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Please Help!!! Account type confusion / mess | Forum

TonyKa Jan 25 '20
Hi, I make a gay website. I made many Account types (genders) as:

Man straight

Man bi

Man gay,


and a few other types (totally 12 types)

So when somebody creates a profile he selects what he is. But also they select what they are looking for (again from a pool of 12)

The problem is when people connect, can't see each other because they selected that they are something else than the searcher is searching.

I.e a man that makes his profile as Man straight looking for man bi, will not be seen by a man gay that looks for man gay. Mess.

So the site appears like noone there...

What can i do ?

I would like the SEARCH result to display all of the types somehow.

Alternatevely what I am thinking is to create random as account type (one only asking something are you here for fun and only YES.. so make everything else as other questions..

But will this work?

What are you doing in such sites? How the others can have the variety and see all account types? (genders)

Please help

many thanks

dave Leader
dave Apr 30 '20
Did you ever get this resolved ?
TonyKa Nov 18 '20
nope... mess :)
TonyKa Nov 18 '20
it would be clever to get to the beginning the search results as per search, and under have a bar says other searches and display others
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 18 '20

You should not use account types. It is better and more flexible to use a profile field for sexual orientation. In this way, in the search engine you can select the options you want.

It is very bad practice to show an empty search result or with few results, you would have to make a plugin that in this case would suggest friends of friends who are not your friends. There is already (or was) a plugin that suggests people but it is very poorly done, it suggests people who even have several blocks of friends of yours, it does not take into account if you have already visited their profile, if there have already been private messages, if they have photos and the filled profile ... and of course it does not link to the search engine nor does it take into account the distances or the age of the people.

Maybe I will develop a more powerful search plugin for dating sites because what we currently have is very primitive. Perhaps instead of an ugly form, only "people we think you would like to meet" and if you don't like what it presents, it will encourage you to improve your profile. The idea is that each time you access that section it shows you a minimum of 50 different people ... or ordered in another way if the website has few members. Nor is it good to let them see the total list of members and know how many there are, it is better that they entertain themselves by searching and visiting profiles.