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Arrowchat | Forum

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 26 '20

After trying out quite a few chat scripts that "dock" less well in OxWall, I've come to these conclusions:

The best, but most expensive, is https://www.cometchat.com/pricing

The one I've chosen is https://www.arrowchat.com/purchase/

Basically, they are light years away from their competitors but cometchat is a monthly payment and Arrowchat is a lifetime payment.

The plugins that we have for sale in the store, well I feel sorry for the authors but they don't meet the expectations.

If you know another one that's up to scratch, just say so.

After this presentation, what I want to know is how many of you are using ArrowChat because I am developing a specific plugin for ArrowChat to fix its lacks and I would like to know if you would be interested, if you would add or remove any feature.

Well, in fact I already have 50% done of this whole list:

* Real-time member-to-member private message checker

* Copy of private messages to our beloved MailBox and their deletion from ArrowChat

* Managing the ArrowChat cron from the OxWall cron

* Automatic synchronization of locks between members of the two softwares

* Prohibition of private conversations between paying and free members in both directions because it only does one.

* Management of user types because ArrowChat only contemplates user roles and friendships

* Rescue of posts and their attached files ONE of the chat rooms that is defined as public for republication in NewsFeed.

Other possible future extensions are a create, access, delete and view chat room only in each OxWall group

* Synchronizing temporary bans in ArrowChat with the

https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1704 plugin

* Expand the Private Message Inspector options so that only messages from suspicious users can be displayed 

Catkin May 26 '20
Wow, this would be amazing for much more chat focused sites. Certainly ArrowChat looks like the better option.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob May 27 '20
I use arrowchat, and I would love to see an Oxwall/Arrowchat plugin.

I especially love your idea of allow Oxwall groups to have their own Arrowchat chatrooms! Such a great idea!

Since you have asked, here are some features I would like to see:

Most important needed Features

Arrowchat and Oxwall user-blocks are the same thing. When a user blocks another user on oxwall or arrowchat, it should block that user on both systems.

When a user is suspended in Oxwall, that user is banned from sending any messages on Arrowchat. When a user is unsuspended, they are unbanned from Arrowchat.

On mobile devices, Oxwall user-console includes "Hide / Show Chats" button. Currently, mobile users can select to hide the arrowchat mobile tab - but once it is gone, they have no way to get it back!

Added / Extra Features

Users can/cannot create private chatrooms based on Oxwall user role privileges (oxwallsite.com/admin/users/roles)

User profile pages have a “Start chatting with this user” button. Clicking the button opens a new Arrowchat conversation with that user.

User reports are synchronized between Arrowchat and Oxwall. When a user reports another user through Arrowchat, the report appears in the Oxwall reports page. (maybe when the user clicks "Report Spam / Abuse" button in Arrowchat, the user is presented with the Oxwall flag screen?)

Hide or show “message read” checkmark, based on user role privileges. (The new version of Arrowchat already checks to see if a message was seen. All that needs to be added is for the “message read” symbol to be shown, and to check privileges based on Oxwall user role)

Oxwall user privacy settings include Arrowchat privacy options. From Oxwall privacy settings page, user can choose to hide Arrowchat online status, block all private messages, etc. 

Right now, when you click on a username in an Arrowchat chatroom, you see “Private Message, Block User, Report Spam/Abuse” buttons. Add a new “Send Gift” option, to send Oxwall gifts.

Crazy Ideas

User can select chatroom messages, and select option “Post to newsfeed”. User can add comments / further information before posting.

Arrowchat widget for placing on index and dashboard pages. Widget shows live feed of a chatroom. 

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Rob Jun 13 '20
We would like to see this plugin in the store Patricia, we will certainly buy it.

With regards,


Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 21 '20

I have this plugin in development and it is already doing enough things to improve the communication between OxWall and ArrowChat.

Unfortunately it conforms to OxWall store rules in a similar way as a helicopter propeller to a submarine propeller, so I'm afraid it will be a separate script to overwrite ArrowChat and OxWall files to install at your own risk . Of course you can restore the original files.

But it is still early, until it is finished and it works on my website I do not want to teach anything.

It is time for you to suggest things to do.

Joseph Jun 21 '20
Arrowchat has had a few updates, has it improved more so?
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 21 '20

The updates improve a little the operation from mobile and video calls´

Emojis remain undefined in the database and must be added manually.

Joseph Jun 25 '20

Quote from Patricia Zorrilla

The updates improve a little the operation from mobile and video calls´

Emojis remain undefined in the database and must be added manually.

Would you say its better than the one on one chat or messages plugin?
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 25 '20

It is not better or worse than the Mailbox plugin, ArrowChat is different.

Arrowchat is a chat that includes a chat room, and in this it is the best one I know.

The MailBox plugin has many flaws, if it works, but it lacks many things.

You don't have the ability to delete old conversations (requires a paid plugin) and the conversations stay forever. It is not able to group the conversations by users in such a way that you can see all the conversations that they had with someone, the chat window opens only if you have several tabs open, there is no function for the moderator to control spam out there ( requires a paid plugin) ... It is very basic, and it also slows down a website a lot with many users connected simultaneously doing "ping" all the time.

I am making a MIX of both, but I am doing it to my measure.

I need to control the users of my website who sell drugs and viagra by private mail and I am relying on detecting users with messages that are not answered, messages with the same text, number of messages per hour and of course a window to view online the private conversations.

I also need to lock / unlock someone with Arrwochat to be synchronized with lock / unlock with OxWall standard.

I need a log of what is discussed in the private chat rooms ... I need many things and I have everything half done.

Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jul 13 '20
Hi Patricia. Im now using Arrowchat.  Please keep informed about your plugin for it?

PS- "create, access, delete and view chat room only in each OxWall group"


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Mac Fionn
Mac Fionn Jul 13 '20
Patricia, my built in "Messenger" and "mailbox" are apparently the same thing!

How can we keep just the mailbox and get rid of the messenger client installed with it?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 14 '20
In a big project, at the moment I have done the part that interested me for my website, to control the private messages, several configuration screens of the plugin and ArrowChat and the interfaces with all the ArrowChat data tables, which is a 20% of the work. I don't know if I'll finish it, it's a lot of work to just sell one or two.
Rob Jul 14 '20

It would be a great pity Patricia if you did not put it in the store, but we can understand it because people do not like to spend money and prefer everything for free.

We would buy it, but yes that is just only 1 buyer and that will not bring you any profit.

With regards,

Admiraliteit Imedia