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My Promise to all Oxwall Users | Forum

dave Team
dave May 31 '20


As the new moderator of the forum, reviews, plugins and themes, i wanted to reach out to each one of you to let you know that i will do my very best to serve you well.  It is time to start steering the ship back into better waters and i hope to be a big part of that process.

In doing so im sure i will have some challenges and some learning curve as i get familiar with and develope new processes going forward. I would appreciate your support, "constructive" feedback (helpful ideas) and assistance as we go forward.  I cannot do this alone, i still need all of you to make things better.  So please keep helping people as you have been doing and keep up the great work.

My Promise:

My promise to you (every one of you) is to be firm, fair, impartial, responsive, honest, unbiased, responsible, reasonable, and do the best job i can to assist those in need. Noone is perfect but you will get my best from me.  I also promise to be as transparent as i can be about progress and changes.

Oxwall Store (Plugin Moderation):

With that said there are a few things i am going to do first. One is suspending plugins that are no longer supported and developer is no longer active (or suspended)  The plan is to clean up the store to regain trust from the plugin customers and users in general.  Also we will have quality plugins, and i will be developing process to make that happen.   I look forward to using some of the great ideas we had a few years ago (from everyone) if i have that power to change things as we go.   This includes some coding requirements.  I hope the days of giving a useless developer money for nothing are behind us as we move forward.

Forum Moderation:

I am up to being flexible when it comes to performing this task but i ask that noone take unfair advantage of that consumer kindness.  I will not break the rules and i will ask you to follow and do the same.  If i feel it has become a debate and/or is outside of the topic description i will shut it down, debating rules is not going to happen.  Its the only way to get things done, if i am tied down to debating every decision then when do i have time to make the store and community better.  You are only helping yourselves by following and helping me rather than fighting me every step.  Once again i need everyones help to do this better.   As far as i am concerned the past is the past, let us all look forward instead of back.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, i look foward to this undertaking and its challenges. I look forward to working with each of you to make this happen.  Remember, my cracking down on some things is not personal, its business, and i ask for your professionalism as i give you mine.

Thank you in advance..

Dave :)

Moderation Team

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