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We The People United We Stand
Is there anyway to have users get website activity notifications?

The one that is listed never notifies.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 4 '20

You have a new ArtMedia plugin that replaces the standard OxWall notification,


I don't know how it's going because I haven't bought it, but being from ArtMedia it sure works and it's going very well.

I use the OxWall standard but I have it very modified and customized. I have modified the whole emailing part, I prioritize some notifications over others, I don't send messages to suspended users or to those who have unconfirmed emails, and I send more emails to users the more they connect and less annoying to those who connect less, to these I send a quarterly summary informing them that they have x visits, x friend requests, x things about each one since x time they don't connect... but not the detail. I haven't modified the screen display part.

I recommend you the ArtMedia plugin, there isn't any more.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 4 '20

You mean showing public group activity on NewsFeed?

No, it's one of the big flaws of the "groups" plugin, if you don't enter your groups you don't know if there has been any activity.

The same happens with the Forum plugin, they are like this since they were created and need a good revision. In the case of Forum I would put a "subscribe" to each section and that warns if there are new topics, not only subscribe to topics already created.

We also need to be able to move topics from one section to another, that was already in bbforum 30 years ago!

We The People United We Stand
Hello everyone,

I was referring to the Activity notifications- Real-time and EMAIL notifications about site activity.

It doesn't notify anyone of any activity.

That is very important to let your members know of any activity. Like a newsletter, mailing list.

It gets kind of annoying to always have to send a mass mailing to them and that's if I remember to lol.

Out of all the great features Oxwall has implemented, they missed a HUGE feature. A feature that can force a person to drop the program. Alerts.

If you cannot reach your members, whats the point? lol.

When I say reach them I mean via email not an alert that only can be read on the site.

They need to be reached to let them know to come to the site to see any alerts.

We The People United We Stand
If at bare minimum you can have a plugin access the mass mailing feature of the program and with a click of the button you can alert everyone of activity.

You have a pre-populated message stating to go to the site there is new activity.

Can that be done?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 4 '20

I don't know if the Artmedia plugin does this, it doesn't explain much in the description.

Ask him, if he doesn't he may be able to make a "pro" version with additional features.

There was a very old plugin in the store, "reminder" or something like that, it sent emails to users who haven't been in it for a long time, but it had the serious defect of sending messages to suspended users, so this functionality could be covered easily by this plugin.

I am now working on a chat plugin, I don't want to do multiple jobs at once.

Then I plan to do something with the groups, not of type of decoration but of type of functionality, that you publish something in one and nobody knows, even if you are part or even if you have created it 

We The People United We Stand
Patricia I wish you the best. You seem like a go get the type of person. Be Well and be safe to your and yours.
We The People United We Stand
For those that maybe interested and in the interim, under the User profile Settings, I added a custom html link, so that I am able to open mass mailing instantly from the main page.

Dont forget to restrict it, so that it will only show to admins.

This is the code I used;
<a href="https://YOURWEBSITE.com/oxwall/admin/users/mass-mailing" target="_blank">link text</a>
Hope this helps some of you.

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