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dave Team
dave Aug 5

Does anyone happen to know which editor oxwall uses, or is it of their own creation. 

What i am trying to do is figure out why html entities are not being saved after edit.  Yes they save the first time but if you edit the custom page at all and save it, entities are gone.

I know there has been an issue with < > and & in some editors not being escaped.  Thats why i wanted to look at this one to see what might be the issue.

The only thing i found so far is something called codemirror js 

for example... make a new site page with this content

&lt;a href="example.com?value1=&lt;?= $value1;?&gt;"&gt;press here&lt;/a&gt; 

then save it

view it, it looks perfect

then edit the page, dont change anything at all just click save

entites are gone and now its a clickable link which is not what i want.

Any idea what editor it might be, maybe there is an update if its a 3rd party editor. 
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dave Team
dave Aug 5

I found it...


function generateTag

and the code i was looking for is online 53 and as i suspected those characters are hard coded into oxwall, which explains why the entities did not remain.   I might try tossing in some htmlspecialchars code to see if it blows up on me.

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David Aug 10
Have you managed to get this working the way you want it, yet?  I'm interested in modifying mine as well.
dave Team
dave Aug 10

I was able to get it working but not saving the entities.   So i just made myself a note for now that if i ever edit that page for any reason, to put the entities back in place before i save it.  Ill have to look at this again at a later date with a more global fix. 

The issue is that it parses the html code litterally because its hardcoded that way. So every time you go to edit the page you have to redo the entities and then save it again.  

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