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Unfinished plugins should never be posted in store. | Forum

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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 16 '20

I have two things to address in connection with plugins in the Store.

One is unfinished plugins in Store, and the other is lack of mobile integration in plugins,

Why don't some plugin developers help complete their plugin? For it is unfortunately the case that; Although store managers have thrown out some junk plugin developers, there are unfortunately a lot of plugins that work as they are unfinished with obvious flaws. I encourage plugin developers to limit quantity in favor of quality. Take responsibility for their products.

Mobile, as we all know, is used by the vast majority today.

Therefore, one is a little surprised that; Instead of adapting their plugins to mobile, some are developing new plugins that can only be used on a standard oxwall mobile system! And I consider this a waste of time, as most people using oxwall today use Responsive theme.

I use and have further developed / customized for example the theme ASTORIA - RESPONSIVE https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1179

My network here; https://scandibook.com/index

I also register that there are a lot of people out here who ask questions about the various plugins, who never get an answer! Time to take some responsibility and further develop or disappear from Store! I have a great understanding that people get bored and give up the oxwall platform, yes even think it's a sinking ship! I still use oxwall for my pages and networks. But you can safely say that 70% of the plugins I have bought over the years are a waste of money on rogue developers. No, I do not buy more plugins today, until it is the oxwall platform for uncertain future, and for unstable plugin developers!

And the last thing I have to ask questions about;

What about Oxwall, is it just an extinct platform?

On the Oxwall blog you can see that nothing has been posted since "July 26, 2016 by Emil" it is four years since now. So what about the future of oxwall, is there more?

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dave Leader
dave Sep 16 '20

Hi, what plugins are unfinished and have errors?  Please report them to moderation_team at oxwall.org

Also there are no plans to update Oxwall or improve Oxwall any time soon.  Most likely the project will fade away once hosts begin to remove php 5.6 and 7.1 from their servers as both are now deprecated.  When that happens the script will no longer install on its own without mods.  That is when there will be no new users.

Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 16 '20
Tragic to hear. I switched to php 7.4 and have no problem. When it comes to plugin problem, there is probably no idea anymore to address those problems, as oxwall will soon be history. I once said "one sinking ship" everyone said no on the forum, I was right.
dave Leader
dave Sep 16 '20
I think everyone knew for a very long time, they were probably just tring to be positive and praying for the best. 
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 17 '20
Yes I understood that. For my part, I back up my system. And keep my oxwall installation for 10 years here with me. After that, it's not certain I'm alive anyway!
chicago Nov 29 '22
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MatthewMorgan Apr 13 '23

Posting unfinished plugins in-store can harm a developer's reputation and the customer experience. It can lead to negative reviews, refunds, and loss of potential sales. Here you follow this nearshore developmentand learn more new things for software. It is essential to thoroughly test and polish a plugin before releasing it to the public to ensure a high-quality product.