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help with path OW::getPluginManager() | Forum

Ken Oct 22 '20
someone help how come I use this 

$thumb = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin( 'pluginkey' )->getUserFilesDir() . $item->id . '.jpg';

it works because it the right path but doesn't work to display image because it display the whole host path  /home/host/public_html/ow_userfiles/plugins/pluginkey/86.jpg

instead I need it to be like this


what am I doing wrong

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Marcus Oct 22 '20
change home path in config.php or simply use str_replace or preg_replace
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 22 '20

You are not confusing the URL with the PATH?

$url = 'ow_userfiles' .DS. 'plugins' .DS. 'miplugin' .DS. $itemId . ".jpg";

$path = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin(''miplugin')->getUserFilesDir() . $itemId . ".jpg";

Ken Oct 22 '20
Tried them doesn’t work 
why this code worked with path not url any other suggestions 
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Dev Forward
Dev Forward Oct 22 '20
I believe what you are looking for is getUserFilesUrl:

$thumb = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin( 'pluginkey' )->getUserFilesUrl() . $item->id . '.jpg';

Ken Oct 22 '20
ok thanks Patricia so much I got it to work using this

  $item->hasImage = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin( 'pluginkey' )->getUserFilesDir() . $item->id . '.jpg';

    if (file_exists($item->hasImage)) {        $thumb = 'ow_userfiles' .DS. 'plugins' .DS. 'pluginkey' .DS. $item->id . ".jpg";    } else {        $thumb = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin( 'pluginkey' )->getStaticUrl() . 'images/default.png';    }

Ken Oct 24 '20
Thanks too dev forward yours actually is way better across the site the one that I found worked Works on certain pages not all thanks A lot dev forward