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Just a quick project update | Forum

dave Team
dave Oct 28 '20

Just thought i would share a quick video of the home page for SBC project.  I have other pages done too but this is the most complex page.  

Please read the description  no sound and i explained in the text what im showing you.

Description: Just a quick video demo of the home page of the new project. I will need to recode some of it as i used some older js code that i did not realize there was a better and faster way.. So on the outside it will look almost the same but on the inside it will be updated code. What i am showing you in the video is the activity box parking process, draggable and resizable boxes, scrolling with title header in view (not scrolling) and the top bar also is draggable. The top bar background also changes color when you grab an item to show you the boundaries of the drop zone.


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dave Team
dave Nov 3 '20

here is another video update, just sharing...

Ken Nov 3 '20
Oh wow your theme is the worst you cannot capture any attention with that basic theme in this day in age responsive mobile first Dave your mail notifications, privacy preferences, Events, likes, comments, share, admin section with settings, sitemap,js,add html pages, Etc.... you have a long way to go can you edit the widgets can users block or flag each other... something or show Us a working function in action upload an avatar um beside drag and drop show something amazing or unique the up-sale of your software it looks so old school but waiting to see the final
dave Team
dave Nov 3 '20


Thanks for your feedback, i am not a theme guru and never claimed to be.  But what i am is a php programmer and developer.  So the server side and the code doing the work of the site is first class.   Example: oxwall uses js to present the popup windows, this makes oxwall very heavy on js and leads to conflicts with other plugins.

I dont use js for those, its all html and css which is much better, no conflicts.  That is just one example, there are many.  So just because i am not a theme developer please do not discount the project just on visuals. I do have many people that tell me its amazing and looks great.   Also the php process for form input and data process is top notch and secure.

I can certainly make it look better with eye candy and more theme skills, but that is why i have left that part available to the admin to have access to theme it as they wish, so you will be able to make it look like you want, with very little effort, unlike oxwall... Everything is flexible with the themes.

I will have a demo that i can share either on video or otherwise once i get a few more things coded.  It is only me at this time so i ask for your patience as i get things done.  Please remember that sometimes even the simplist thing on the front side takes alot of coding to make it look easy and to make it user and admin friendly.  

This project will do things that oxwall never could.  And it will also support oxwall plugins with some minor adaptation.  So you will have support for the old and also enjoy the new, we here in the USA call that "having your cake and eating it too"  :)

I will share more as soon as i get it built.  Also please remember i am doing this for free out of the goodness in my heart, it might be good to be alittle more positive and also say thank you for what i am trying to do here.  :)

Dave :)

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John Nov 9 '20
@dave Keep up the great work.

It really is good to see someone working to build a updated platform that will enable Oxwall site owners to move into 2020-21, rather than running software that's had no core updates for four years and is becoming increasingly problematic.

dave Team
dave Nov 9 '20

Thank you so much, i really appreciate the kind words... :0 )

can someone recommend a WYSIWYG editor i can add to the project, which ones do you like..  CKEditor, TinyMC... or something else.   What do you find easier to use? 

Also here is a new video... one might ask, why so much time spent on a privacy feature. Well its privacy, and that is important, or am i wrong :)

I will also have another video of the userprofile section and features comming out soon.

The bug in this video has been fixed :)

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Chris_W Nov 9 '20
I prefer TinyMce 4 developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1443

TinyMce 5 is in the store now, but haven't tried it developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1665

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dave Team
dave Nov 9 '20
Yeah i installed TinyMCE and ill see how it goes.  If there are any fees ill have to find something else.  Quilljs.com is open source, but i hear its buggy but they are releasing a new version soon.  It also seems a bit complicated to install..
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dave Team
dave Nov 10 '20

So far here is what i have discovered.  First the days of just grab one and go like we did in the old days, plug N play are over.  Gone are the days of FCKEditor when everyone had a copy and used it for whatever they needed.  Now its all profit building and money grabbing.

CKEditor - easy to install - appears to have all the languages translated, works well, easy to configure to the specific need and website. However, very expensive, and cloud storage services appear to be a required dependency and also are very expensive.

TinyMCE - another great product along with CKEditor.  installs easily, easy to config and design to fit your website.   However, it has limited translations to other languges, even english is not very much completed. However other languages from small countries seem to be covered.  And once again very expensive, their free plan limits you to 5 users at a time which is not going to work for this project.  We will need to find something else.

We will need to find a open source editor we can use that is not full of bugs.

UPDATE:  Well it appears i was wrong about TinyMCE, they have a free version on github, i was trying to use the wrong version, so i grabbed the community version from github and i think that will work for us ;)

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dave Team
dave Nov 17 '20

Here is a new video of the user profile for the project


Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Nov 23 '20

I am a Norwegian and Swedish translator for Dave's new project and I must say that it is admirable work he puts into the project. And of course I follow and watch his videos, absolutely fantastic you ask me. I have hopeful expectations of SBC also for my own future social project.

When it comes to the look / theme, this is about taste, which of course is very different from person to person. What Dave wants to bring out here I think is; That this with theme comes further forward. David works with the functional possibilities etc. Therefore, I hope people who today can create nice themes, see what great opportunities the SBC project has already had and will get.

Sees that David has come a long way with the SBC project but that it could have gone faster if more developers had joined! But continuing to focus on one dying project like Oxwall is today is completely pointless. Therefore, SBC is a welcome project for the future.

Let's now add all our support to the SBC project for the good of all.

dave Team
dave Feb 1

here is another update video on the project... we are moving right along.. :)

i have issued a new version of the video.. I apologize for the first version, it was horrible.  I am not a very good video producer and i had not learned yet about the blur option for sensitive intormation so thats why i used the blocks on the main page area.   Sorry, that was  a bad choice by me.  I dont mind them on the top but on the main page area, is bad.   So i fixed that once i learned about the blur option.

here is the new video..

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dave Team
dave Feb 17

Hi everyone...  

The new project is avaiable for public access now for testing.  That does NOT mean that it is finished, it is far from finished.  Many things are not yet built and many lang keys are missing.  But i wanted to get what i had up to public view to test as i developed the rest of it. 

Remember that this is not planned for release until sept this year, so we have a long way to go.  But i have also got alot accomplished as well.

If you notice i have not yet included a live text link to the project anywhere in this topic, but this one time i must at least mention the test site name (its not a live link here, so it should not violate the spam rules).  

If you want to test and report bugs you find on the new project just go to


please register, report bugs via the integrated forum, and give feedback when you have time. 

Thank you for your time.. 

PS i will be closing down the freedcamp dev site in 7 days since we are moving everything over to the testing site now.

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dave Team
dave Apr 12
I should be back working on the project starting next monday may 19th. I am actually home but there is alot i have to catch up on first.  Then i can get back to the project.   Sorry for the delay but as we all know family comes first.   The doctor feels that my mother has about 6 months left in her, we all know it happens but none of us is ever prepared for it. 
Catkin Yesterday, 02:47PM
Family is always first and foremost Dave, I'm sure it was also a well earned break from this project!