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Mass mailing not working on my site | Forum

Sam Nov 7 '20

Please I need help,

Mass mailing not working on my site, https://yorfriends.com

I need your help..

dave Leader
dave Nov 8 '20

Hi Sam,

Have you checked to see if the emails are in the mail table.  The way works is that the email will go to the mail table in the database and then sit there until the cron dispatches them.  Usually its not very long and so if you want to test it you have to be ready to refresh the phpMyadmin view quickly to catch them in the table.  

So if they are still in your mail table then there is something wrong with your cron running.  Then check to be sure your cron is running.

If your mail table is empty then they were sent and it is out of your hands, its up to the rest of the mail process of your host after that. 

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Chris_W Nov 8 '20
Just increase the time on your cron job to give you time to look in the database. Then change it back.
dave Leader
dave Nov 9 '20
+1 Chris_W i did not consider that hee hee :)
Ken Nov 10 '20
I had this problem when I used php 7.4 version so I went back 7.3 but now Wordpress declares 7.4 and I have other sites that I host for local businesses and they submitted tickets about this so I’m trying to figure out what oxwall problem with 7.4
sahil Nov 13 '20
you can use mailchimp 
Anna May 17
we can ask you to describe your problem in more detail. I also now have a version of php 7.4. Periodically suffer from problems. write me.


Aakil Sep 22
Have you verified whether the messages are on the way table. The manner in which works is that the email will go to the mail table in the information base and afterward stay there until the cron dispatches them. Normally its not extremely long thus assuming you need to test it you must be prepared to revive the phpMyadmin see rapidly to get them in the table.


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