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How to match Oxwall product IDs and Stripe product IDs? - Stripe Billing | Forum

FB Feb 21 '21
Hi, after installing the plugin and configure the Stripe account and API keys, I got this error while trying to pay for a subscription:

"Product ID: MEMBERSHIP_PLAN_2No such plan: 'MEMBERSHIP_PLAN_2'"
It seems that first I need to configure my products on Stripe, and I did, but Stripe assigned their own product IDs (like "prod_IzLwun9HsD5Ds9A"). Therfore, I get the same error about no such plan "MEMBERSHIP_PLAN_2".
How can I make that Stripe uses the same product ID as Oxwall (and the membership plugin) does?

Does Strip allows to define your own product IDs? Does this plugin allow you to match both product IDs? If not, how can they match?


Matthias Mar 22 '21
Has this been solved?
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