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User Roles question | Forum

Peter Maresca
Peter Maresca Apr 9 '21

I have a question regarding the user roles area in the Oxwall admin page. 

Is there a way to move an already registered member to a different user role, instead of the default? Is there a plugin for this?

Thank you, and I would appreciate any help.


Catkin Apr 9 '21
The default role is the role members are provided once they sign up, you can rename it in the admin settings. You can also add more roles and users can select these when they sign up to your site.

Generally speaking, and best practice, would be to set up the default role with the exact permissions you want your users to have.

You can manually assign users different roles once they have joined your site. Go to the users page and select the "Moderation" drop down.

I hope this answers your question!

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Apr 9 '21

The "default" user role is held by ALL users.

My advice is to not show any labels for this role and to have the minimum permissions.

If not all users will be able to access all sections, define several roles with broader accesses, for example: "Verified", "Collaborator", "Moderator" and "Admin".

Do not create too many because it will be very difficult to maintain the site if it reaches thousands of users.

Note that there are no tools to automate role switching and you would have to edit all the profiles one by one.

Keep in mind that if you have paid members and free members, the two plugins (both excellent) of paid memberships base their operation on assigning a role and remove it after the term is over. The other roles that the user has are not affected.

The label displayed on the avatar is the one of the highest role, so order the roles according to their importance.

For example, if you have defined the roles: "Verified", "Contributor", "Moderator" and "Admin"

the administrator users will have the four roles (plus the default role), the moderator users the first three and so on.

But for example, if a user is "Collaborator" and is not "Verified" it can also happen that some plugin does not understand it correctly, and it may also not work correctly if the "Verified" role has some access permission than the "Contributor" role " does not have.

dave Leader
dave Apr 12 '21

Also to give you alittle history review of the past this might help as well in understanding roles, even though patricia and catkin explaned it.


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