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Proposal to grow Oxwall again | Forum

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Knet Solutions
Knet Solutions May 9 '21

Oxwall is best among all of its alternatives and was running well, then why Owner of Oxwall are not interested in development anymore ?

I was thinking that what is actually needed to grow Oxwall again and found just 2-3 things with less efforts ?

1. Take software update from github and post to Oxwall download page.

2. Take plugins update from github and post to Oxwall store.

Softaculous is important: i think softaculous is taking update from Oxwall's download page but if not then need to post on softaculous as well.

All updates at-least once in a six months would be enough and its just a job of couple of hours and any member from Oxwall team can easily do that, also we can also help if you needed.

And for improvements we can make a team of developers who will work together to add new features to Oxwall.

Just couple of hours in six months can lift Oxwall, and we are here whenever needed without asking for any credit or money.

Is there anyone who can reach the Oxwall owner and ask him and post the answer here ?

- - - - -

And until we will get and answer I'd like to invite all developers who can contribute to Oxwall development,

If we didn't get an answer, or Oxwall owner will reject the proposal for any reason, then we can work together, update and improve Oxwall and distribute that updates using Oxwall forum.

I can contribute in design field and can give good amount of time, if any developer who'd like to contribute to Oxwall development with their expertise, please reply.

Also feel free to reply if there are any suggestion or feedback.

Thank you

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 10 '21

All OxWall users and developers are welcome at owspain.com

owspain.com is completely free and without advertising.

There you can download hundreds of free plugins (many are no longer here), see the advertising of those that are not for sale there and buy those that are for sale.

Developers can advertise their products freely (without having to upload the files there) and sell them through the channel they want. There is no risk of illegal downloads if the files are not physically there.

The profiles are approved manually, therefore there is no spam.

It would be very good for OxWall and OwSpain to have Knet Solutions, with their themes (which are no longer for sale anywhere), and perhaps with their technological support to improve the appearance of the store

Knet Solutions
Knet Solutions May 10 '21

Thank you Chris and Thank you Patricia, its good to see leader label on your profile.

I agree with you Chris, otherwise it is very easy to update the Oxwall if the owner wants, it seems that they do not want to update it,

and that's why I want us to do something for this but it seems i am late, all the developers already left.

Let's wait a bit and if we will not get good response then I will try to do something with Patricia.

Patricia, Owspain seems good, Oxwall Plus is also your project ?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 10 '21

No, OxWallPlus is a work of ArtMedia.

I have focused on plugins, themes and gathering all versions of OxWall, OxWallPlus is one more.

I am currently reviewing OxWallPlus but it is too early for an opinion. I am waiting for a response to a problem in the installation https://oxwallplus.com/forum/topic/4566

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 11 '21

Upgrading to OxWallPlus from OxWall 1.84 does not work correctly.This is the result:

Knet Solutions
Knet Solutions May 11 '21

Leave the oxwallplus, we are not going to use it, we will use original oxwall and will make changes with plugins,

As i mentioned earlier that i can contribute in design field, i know php but not much so i just can make new themes for oxwall,

you people tell what you can do ? (it would be great if you focus on most important things first).

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla May 11 '21

My first step with OxWallPlus has been to do a new installation, as a new user would do it, carefully following the steps indicated in the installation text. The process has failed.

Then I installed OxWall in PHP 7.3 with the installation file modified by Dave (you can download this package ready to use at https://owspain.com/store/productview/32)

and it has worked perfectly.

In this installation I have followed the steps to update to OxWallPlus, and it has not worked.

I have been analyzing the result. I see that install.php and update.php do not work correctly because they are trying to use classes that have not been read yet. I think it is a problem with these files, because I have been comparing one by one all the files of OxWallPlus with those of OxWall and I see that there are hundreds of improvements and corrections everywhere. You can see that ArtMedia has invested hundreds of hours of work here. I have not, I have only taken a general overview.

I think we should give ArtMedia time to review the installation process, I have no doubt that it must be silly.

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