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[SOLVED]Pending webhook response - Stripe Billing | Forum

Matthias May 25 '21

Hello, I finally got a payment through stripe, but the item purchased wasn´t delivered.

The stripe account says the payment was successful, but there is an issue with the webhook:

Pending webhook response
A webhook that is subscribed to the event hasn't successfully responded yet
The webhook that failed was this one at:  /stripe/payment/notify
Event types

  • invoice.paid
  • checkout.session.completed
  • checkout.session.async_payment_succeeded
  • checkout.session.async_payment_failed

Please advise, thank youMatthias

The Forum post is edited by Matthias Jun 21 '21
Matthias May 27 '21

Another user paying using stripe, but not getting his product since there is an issue with the webhook.

Please check urgently, thank you


Matthias Jun 2 '21
I sent all error messages from the stripe backend to your Account. Please respond, thank you.
ArtMedia Jun 5 '21

sorry for late answer, i areply to your mail,

your serwer respond with 301 header, so your server dont block stripe ip?

Matthias Jun 10 '21

No, no stripe Ip or domains are blocked right now. They say it might be a problem with the forwarding through .htaccess. See Emails I sent you.

Just posting this here as well in case someone has the same problem and is looking for answers.

Matthias Jun 21 '21

Ok, so the problem was the webhook URL, stripe-support pointed this our.

Make sure your webhook has the www in the URL, so it needs to look like this:

https://www.YOUR-SITE.com/stripe/payment/notify and not like this:

https://YOUR-SITE.com/stripe/payment/notify (this is how its the displayed in the documentation of the plugin).

According to Stripe, not having the www in there can cause a 301 error. Now that I changed it, it works like a charm. I also notified Artmedia.

I still hope Artmedia will make this plugin available for PWA!



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