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config.php DEV_MODE true always seems to break things? | Forum

Janickerrty Jun 8 '21
Hi all

Im working on my dating website and Ive made a lot of changes to the CSS via the admin panel.  A few developers have also changed some base files and editted some plugins. I'm using the latest Skadate and a third party plugin called "range extender".  Also using a third party theme called Love Story.

Ive been noticing a strange problem: whenever I need to set Dev Mode to "true" (and then back to "false" again, the website seems to PARTIALLY REVERT to a previous version. 

It's as if it didnt like to the changes that were made and wants to go back to a previous form.   

Example of things that "break"

1) slider pictures in the landing page revert back to their original (but the new pictures are still in the server's folder)

2) the site decides to "ignore" some changes made to the css (but the code is still in the admin panel)

3) some buttons revert to links. 

Ive been trying NOT to use DEV MODE set to TRUE, but I feel I'll have to sooner or later and am afraid it'll keep breaking things.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and how should I go about troubleshooting this?


Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 8 '21

I think you have problems with your browser cache while making changes.

To see the immediate result of the changes you can use two systems:

1) Open a browser window in incognito mode (this disables caches)

2) Keep the console open (F12 key), this also disables the caches.

To quickly toggle true / false of DEV MODE has this plugin created especially for this purpose:


It will be very useful

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Janickerrty Jun 9 '21
Thanks for your answers.

However the problem Im having is not related to browser cache, because the unintended changes stay, even after clearing the browser cache and cookies....

It is so serious that I can not even use DEV MODE at all anymore as it will break the site, at which point I have to restore a backup to have it go back to normal again.

Any other suggestions please? 

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 9 '21

Try deleting all the files from the



These files will be regenerated by the smarty library

Perhaps some are corrupt, or the folder does not have write and execute permissions, or perhaps one is marked as read-only

Janickerrty Jun 9 '21
I deleted the files there and when I do that, the site breaks a little (some buttons turn to links) - so it CAUSES the same problem as DEV MODE True.

It doest matter if then switch DEV MODE to true (and back to false): The site continues displaying the buttons-turned-links problem.

What could that mean?    Could there be any other files I should try to reset or replace?

Thanks again 

Janickerrty Jun 10 '21
Hi Chris

Buttons continue broken, unfortunately.

I also noticed that no new files were written to template_c since I deleted them yesterday. Is this normal?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 10 '21
Folders permissions

Make following folders writable by setting 777 permissions:

ow_pluginfiles ow_userfiles, ow_static, ow_smarty/template_c
Janickerrty Jun 10 '21
Just the folders or also the files inside them? 
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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jun 10 '21
Those folders and everything that depends on them