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Editing page content | Forum

RIchard Isaacs
RIchard Isaacs Aug 9 '21


How do I edit the content of my pages in my main menu under "Manage Pages"? I'm new to Oxwall but a little experienced with Wordpress. I found documentation on how to add new pages or change their order but could not locate how to edit existing pages. Thank you. Rich

Chris_W Aug 9 '21
Which page do you want to edit, one of the default pages or a new one?
RIchard Isaacs
RIchard Isaacs Aug 9 '21

Hello Chris,

I would like to edit a new page.



Chris_W Aug 10 '21
1) Go to https://yoursite.com/admin/pages

2) Decide where you want the link to the new page to be, ether: Main Menu - Bottom Menu

3) Click on Add Item in the desired section.

4) Fill in the details in the resulting page and click Save.

5) Open the website and click on the resulting link that will have appeared either in the top or bottom menu, depending on your previous choice to see your new page.

6) To re-edit your new page, go back to https://yoursite.com/admin/pages

7) Hover the cursor over the link to your page and click the little 'Edit' button that appears.

It needs to be made clear that you can only use your own code in these pages, none of the other contents that are in the standard pages will be available, like plugins.
RIchard Isaacs
RIchard Isaacs Aug 13 '21
Thank you for the help, Chris!