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Estrogen receptor - Androgens - Progesterone & steroids / SJW | Forum

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Agata Brown
Agata Brown Nov 14 '21
Mostly unsuccessful with trt as well as higher doses. I am better off on trt but in no way feels as if I am treating the route of the dysfunction - still cannot see any veins in my entire body/arms even with Cialis and nitric boosters. I’ve used Test before I tried SSRIs and it was extremely effective whereas now the results seem like they are unable to be tapped into due to the vascular/cardio dysfunction that comes with PSSD. I am thinking of trying nandrolone or trenbolone as an adjunct in order to upregulate both the androgen and estrogen receptor - these compounds do this through a sort of progestogenic mechanism that I’m going to delve into further. I’ve come across a few reports of low dose tren curing/reversing certain PSSD subtypes and given that I’ve been suffering for 3 years I’m willing to give it a go. I had a recent setback due to St johns Wort - the first 2-3 days were amazing - and then I was having non-stop reflux and migraines. It also seemed to affect my estrogen levels (subjectively) and after each testosterone injection, my anxiety levels would skyrocket. Apparently, it takes up to 2 weeks for SJW to completely clear the system so I am hoping to god I revert to pre SJW for the estrogenic disruption to clear. " St. John's wort (SJW) is a known strong inducer of the cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3 A4 enzyme, " I think this underlies its estrogenic/progestogenic interaction with my TRT.

Also - estrogen is said to normalize SERT expression resulting in reduced systemic 5HT and desensitized 1A - progesterone is thought to be an antagonist to estrogen 

Thoughts on adding Low dose tren roughly 100mg per week for 6 weeks to upregulate ERa/AR?
Max Velin
Max Velin Nov 14 '21
You know about all the risks and side effects, don't you? Please be careful with this. And consult a specialist about the dose. As I was quite cautious in my time in this regard. I got side effects in the form of poor potency. Now I have to remedy the situation with supertest 450 to get some relief.
Agata Brown
Agata Brown Nov 14 '21
It's a bit of a crybaby ending for you. What kind of steroids were you taking? I know about the side effects. But this is just too much.
bonder Jun 4
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