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Perhaps Runescape is enjoying a slowdown in popularity | Forum

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nfkjasfas Nov 24 '21

Azzanadra's seal is lost if you "find it on a surface and then pick it up by itself". This means that if you're unable to find Azzanadra's seal RuneScape 2007 Gold, or any similar items with the protect item prayer, those items and the seal will still be yours.

The special effects of invoking seals are dependent on the reason for which you invoke them. Imp Invoking will grant you the ability to use a "Rusty Imp Dagger", which will give you 10 strength. But if your attack is against an opponent that is able to pickpocket, the damage you do will be determined by the number of pick-pockets they create. If you are attempting to target someone whose skill at stealing is not enough it will be a fight only the person.

This dagger gives a hidden +5 bonus to thieves and if you confront an enemy using the dagger and with 35 thieving, you'll be able to take from them. This seal is destroyed after you've killed Zamorak. If you own Azzanadra's seal, you can purchase an alternative seal from an imp in case you lose your dagger.

You will get black sword shards if you invoke a lesser Demon. More Demon activating will give the player red sword chunks. K'ril Titsaroth will invoke you to give you demonic blade plans and a sword-hilt chunk. The Demon Butler (it is known by the item name that is called Alathazdrar's Seal but the examine information states it's the demon butler’s) invokers can send straight to Sergeant Damien Buy RuneScape Gold. After you've done this, invoking again will give you 200 curry bowls that you have noted.