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Tik tok advert showing selling a mobile | Forum

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Martina Perez
Martina Perez Mar 31
I've seen tiktok ads.
3 celebrities take pictures of a mobile phone, post it on ebay and earn money.

Stupid fucking assholes.
If you are new to ebay and have never used it, if you try to sell a mobile phone, there is a very, very high probability that you will get a lifetime ban.

I once had a "new" eBay account. I bought a few things.
Using a different ebay account, I bought a refurbished camera from a manufacturer sold on ebay.
I have signed up for my new ebay account.
banned after 1 day.

I had nothing to hide. I've never done anything wrong on ebay.
I called ebay, they told me to send them the receipts. I said there's no need for that, just look at my other account where I bought ON ebay. The Gimp customer service agent said: no, we need proof. I said "Good"! I printed emails from ebay and Paypal showing what I bought.

Like lightning, I was allowed to return to ebay! After all, there is a God out there somewhere! Yes-ha!
I turned on the camera again.
10 minutes later - I got a lifetime ban on this ebay account.

I called again. Gimp Gimp Gimp I talked to Gimp for gimp - everyone said, "We are the slaves of a great celestial master named ebay, and the Bible says you are banned for life - we cannot consider anything else as your explanations and apply common sense."

Just thought I'd like to share.
mikolip Mar 31
This is a platform that runs on trust. There are already enough good sellers, so ebay suppresses them by banning people with a "lack" of experience.
derrybef Mar 31
Agreed. They need to change the policy before it becomes too annoying. In this way, they’re just losing sellers. I just don’t understand why to ban everyone. All those ads on TikTok just say that they are clutching at straws. Just hired some Social Media Specialists hoping they could help them. OFC, TikTok is a really powerful ad machine now, but if the service you provide is not decent, even it will not help.
What alternatives would you suggest? Amazon? Is it much better?
The Forum post is edited by derrybef Mar 31