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What is industrial alcohol (Methanol)? | Forum

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QuangTrungChem Jun 17 '22

What is industrial alcohol (Methanol)?

The chemical methanol (aslo name for cồn công nghiệp) is a compound synthesized from the cellulose found in tree wood. Through extraction at a high temperature of about 600 - 800oC. This process breaks the cellulose molecules and produces C2H5OH and Water + CO2.

The reason for the synthesis is because both glucose and cellulose starch have the molecular formula: -C6H12O5-

Another name for methanol

Another name for methanol alcohol is MeOH or CH3OH, methylene ,.
Methanol is extracted from cellulose (the main ingredient in tree wood) also known as wood alcohol, wood alcohol, .. has a characteristic color of light brown. However, through the treatment process, this wood alcohol achieves absolute purity. Helps support a lot in the industry.

The chemical formula of methanol?

The chemical formula of methanol is defined as consisting of a -OH group bound to one carbon atom and 3 hydrogen atoms. The chemical formula for methanol is CH3OH or CH4O
Physical properties of methanol alcohol.

Industrial alcohol has all the physical properties of the general alcohol group such as colorless, sweet, spicy when swallowed and odorless. The volatility depends on the density of the alcohol and is directly proportional to the purity of the alcohol. For example, 99.9% alcohol has the ability to evaporate more quickly in the air than 70 and 90 degree alcohol.

The density of industrial alcohol methanol 99.9% compared to water is 0.79 ~ 0.8. That means 1 liter of alcohol weighs approximately 0.792 liters of water or 1kg of water = 1.2kg methanol.
Alcohol in general and methanol in particular have infinite solubility in water.

Industrial alcohol has good flammability, flammable and smoke-free (igniting at 11-12 degrees C).

Methanol alcohol When burned, it is green in low light, and almost colorless. Transparent, barely noticeable during combustion under normal lighting conditions.

What is the chemistry of methanol alcohol?

Methanol alcohol belongs to the "no" alcohol homologous group and is the alcohol with the simplest chemical formula.

Industrial alcohol is a polar compound and is often used as a good polar solvent with low cost in the paint, printing, cleaning, glue ... industry.

Methanol alcohol denatures ethanol alcohol and gives a white opaque precipitate. As raw materials for the production of other acids such as: formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl group ,.

Application of methanol alcohol 1.Provide thermodynamics in life

Methanol is a clean burning fuel for heat applications, including industrial boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, and stoves.

2. Replace diesel in the gas industry

Generates heat and steam for various industrial applications, and kilns are used to produce ceramics, dried tobacco and various food items. Traditional industrial boilers use coal fuel. However, environmental regulations are being applied by the Government in stages, leading to the transition to cleaner burning fuels (including methanol). Can reduce impacts on local air quality and related human health.

Methanol is a cost-effective, liquid fuel alternative to electricity generation. Especially in remote areas using diesel for power plants

Methanol is a cleaner burning fuel to generate electricity than diesel. And can help meet environmental regulations and improve air quality. Diesel-powered power plants that convert to methanol can be operated on both fuels.

3. Production of dimethyl ether

Methanol is used to produce tertiary methyl butyl ether (MTBE). An oxygenate is blended with gasoline to increase octane and reduce motor vehicle emissions. MTBE is an efficient, clean-burning and cost-competitive gasoline component used in many regions of the world.

4. Production of plant diesel biofuel:

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oil or animal fat using methanol in the manufacturing process. Methanol is also used to produce catalysts that are used to make biodiesel.
Dimethyl ether (DME) is a clean burning fuel typically produced from methanol. It can be stored and transported in the same way as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). DME is being produced on a large scale in China, where it is mainly blended with LPG for home cooking and heating purposes.

DME can also be used as a clean burning alternative to diesel fuel, but this is not common today. Commercialization activities are underway to support the commercialization of DME as vehicle fuel in North America and Europe.

source: QuangTrungChem

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Sophia Michael
Sophia Michael Aug 14 '23
Methanol (also called methyl alcohol and wood spirit, amongst other names) is an organic chemical and the simplest aliphatic alcohol, with the formula CH3OH (a methyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, often abbreviated as MeOH). Stop drinking alcohol no matter what type of is it.