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How to Move Customize this page to Sidebar in Dashboard | Forum

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Srinivasa Rao
Srinivasa Rao Dec 11 '12
Hi Oxwall Team,

Please tell me how to move customize this page to sidebar or any other place on dashboard
Michael I.
Michael I. Dec 13 '12
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Mark Apr 10 '14
I'm growing disappointed in this community.  This would seem like a very popular request since the customize bar takes up a lot of prime real estate on the screen.  I think it belongs at the bottom of the sidebar and want to move it there. 

I don't mind getting into the code but there is very little documentation on where everything is, that is, which files change what.  This would change quickly if the questions in this forum were answered since I would now have the answer to my question which is the same as Srinivasa's.  There are a lot of unanswered questions making the learning curve far steeper than it has to be.

John Apr 11 '14
Unfortunately there are very few people who can, or want to help us on the forum. Ross has his hands full and most people who post here are also looking for help. Most of my questions are unresolved and like yourself I find it very frustrating.

I'm not sure what we can do about it, but I bet if we offered to pay for help, the volunteers would trip over themselves to be first in line. It's sad when a forum doesn't take off. I remember posting on this forum a year or so back and none of my questions were ever answered. At least Ross does his best to answer now, but his responses are not always what we're hoping to hear ;-0

Good luck.
The Forum post is edited by John Apr 11 '14
Mark Apr 14 '14
Agreed, i'd be happy to contribute myself but I need to learn how oxwall is assembled. I'm not a coder per se but I can usually figure things out pretty good.  I need to understand the taxonomy and naming conventions since i can't even figure out how the pages are assembled.  I'm used to header, body/content, footer type of layout.  

What we need is some better documentation to help us get started then we can learn and share.

John Apr 15 '14
Mark, have you tried Plugin Skeleton?


I think it contains many answers. It's recommended that you do a clean install of Oxwall and add this single plugin. I haven't had a chance to use it yet because I'm very busy and don't wish to get involved with coding. Maybe I'll change my mind one day and I'm sure this plugin will help me when I do.
Genest Apr 22
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