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Back Pain Question | Forum

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RichardGravener Dec 9 '22
Hey folks! I have a consultation for a reduction in September, which I feel hopeful about. The reason I'm looking for a reduction is chronic mid-back pain, which has been around for about 4 years and getting worse in severity and frequency. My PCP thinks that based on the way I describe my pain and the location (a deep aching/burning along my bra line) it is from my chest size, but I have this fear that I will get a reduction and the pain won't go away, as in, it might be from something else. I know this isn't a medical sub and I'm not looking for medical advice, but I guess I'm just wondering if other people had the same worry and how it turned out. Or, how did you know for sure (or maybe you didn't) that your back pain was from your breasts. I have been in physical therapy since April and doing extra exercises at the gym (that I have run by my PT) to strengthen my core, legs, etc. and I haven't noticed a difference (although my body feels healthier overall). My prescriptions went from Cymbalta (for depression/fibromyalgia), to adding Gabapentin, to adding Celebrex, to adding Flexeril as needed and the only thing that helps is if I take a Flexeril at night I usually wake up with less pain. I don't take it during the day because it puts me to sleep. I do heating pad, topical creams visit, etc. I guess I am just hoping that if I am approved for surgery that all of this back pain will go away and then I start getting so worried that it won't and then I'll just be out of options. Has anyone here experienced this fear? is shilajit good for back pain.
SEO QUEEN Dec 17 '23
Your question seemed to have been answered. I would like to add something about Relief Neck Pain here. I know your back pain didn't come up all the way, but it might help someone whose did.