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Problem Adding Google Adsense In Dashboard | Forum

Israel Feb 24 '11
Please can someone help me on how I can insert my Google Adsense Code into my dashboard with problems.
I tried doing it but it distorts the dashboard and the other modules don't show and so I had to remove it.

I tried inserting a 336x280 block, 250x250 block and also a 300x250 and they all distort the dashboard.

Please how do I go about it? Any help is highly appreciated.
Michael Leader
Michael Feb 24 '11
I have the same problem. Adding adsense screwed my theme up. i am considering sticking it in an "IFRAME" to see if that keeps it from misbehaving!

(Or get my finger out and fix the advert plugin)
Den Team
Den Feb 24 '11
The best way to add adsense via Ads plugin. It seems that google can't determine the page when you insert it as custom html/css widget.
Michael Leader
Michael Feb 26 '11
My Ads plugin is bust. I will have a go at getting it to work then post the problem.
Israel Feb 26 '11
Addenster, I beg to disagree as I tried the adsense code in my wall.fm site and it works perfectly well.
Please see the attached file below.
  adsense in dashboard.jpg (173.41Kb)
Michael Leader
Michael Feb 26 '11
Well 2 people so far are suffering the same problem with adsense, can't be a coincidence.
Israel Feb 26 '11
I just tried out a Bidvertiser ad in my dashboard and it gave me no problems at all. My only issue with bidvertiser is that they are not as flexible as Google.

Please does anyone know a way round getting the google adsense code to work on the dashboard without using the Ads plugin?...I just have to monetize my dashboard.
Den Team
Den Feb 28 '11
To fix ads plugin, try to reupload your theme from our store.
Agreed about 2 people, seems there is a problem. Would somebody send me your FTP and admin details? Our dev team will check it directly :)
Michael Leader
Michael Mar 1 '11
I will do that tonight (making sure to backup beforehand)
Den Team
Den Mar 2 '11
Answered you in PM
Michael Leader
Michael Mar 3 '11
saw that! Fixed and working brilliantly!
Den Team
Den Mar 9 '11
Just wanted to note, the issue was in: when you copy your theme (for customize it by yourself), don't forget to change theme's key in ow_themes/copied_theme/theme.xml
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Vicki Oct 7 '11
I am having the same issue. I tried to add Google Adsense code into an html block and it would not appear and made everything below it disappear.

I found the solution, I think, I took out the code that looked like:


Then, the script worked properly.
Actually, it's not working. Please see next post.
The Forum post is edited by Vicki Oct 10 '11
Vicki Oct 10 '11
Actually, it's not working after all. I got the adsense to somehow work on the Main page but not on the Groups page. Both were using the same html codes inserted into the HTML block but when I add the same code on the Groups page, the code disappears after saving it. Is there a way to put Google adsense into the html blocks? It seems very inconsistent.
Andika Dec 15 '16
I have same problem witd responsive google adsense via plugin...

Help me please

dave Leader
dave Dec 15 '16
Andika i replied to your other post.