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Peter Groft
Peter Groft Mar 16 '23

Often believed as a game-changer, QuickBooks by Intuit is a feature-rich financial management solution. It comes with various in-built tools for different business operations like inventory management, payroll processing, accounting tools, expense reporting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoice generation, tax filing, sales transactions, and much more. QB is a perfect combination of quality and robustness and empowers you to handle all your business needs for effective financial management.

QuickBooks Desktop Accountant remains to be the most sought-after solution and is widely used by different industries. However, using QuickBooks on traditional systems carries several limitations like limited accessibility, inferior security system, poor administrative control, etc. In this fast-paced world where QuickBooks strives to fulfill all your business needs, these conventional limitations undermine its overall potential and affect your business performance.

However, moving your QuickBooks to the cloud allows you to overcome these restrictions and fully realize the potential of your QB solution. With the cloud, you can enjoy remote accessibility, get superior security service, and have better administrative control. In the end, it revolutionizes your entire accounting experience.

Benefits of QuickBooks cloud1. Increased business outreach

With QB cloud hosting, you can efficiently operate multiple branches of your organization and expand your business without worrying about any geographical restrictions. Unlike locally installed QB, which requires physical presence, hosted QB can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This way, instead of physically provisioning devices or office space for your employees, they can use their devices and transform their own homes into workplaces.

Your clients too can upload their data remotely and avail of your services without having to visit your office premises. So, if you want to cater to more clients or hire more employees from the next city or even overseas, all you need is to provide them with a valid login authorization, and they can start working remotely right away.

2. Quality security assurance

With cyber-attacks growing in both range and frequency, it is necessary to have a modern cybersecurity architecture, mainly when handling sensitive financial data. However, the traditional QB Desktop setup lacks the latest advancements and can be compromised easily. Also, even if you deploy quality security measures, they are expensive to maintain and require significant technical expertise.

A reputed QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider deploys multiple top-notch security measures like software/hardware-based firewalls, modern IDPS technology, AI surveillance, multi-factor authentication, the latest antivirus/anti-malware technology, and TLS 1.3 encryption. Also, their IT experts regularly monitor the security system and bring in necessary updates timely to strengthen it against advanced hacking attacks. This way, your data is safe, and there is no illicit access.

3. Credible business continuity

Most business owners now actively use data analytics to analyze their financial data and make better business decisions. This has made data vital for any organization and plays a crucial role in its everyday operations. However, most organizations use local QB desktops that can be easily damaged due to various human-made and environmental factors like accidental/intentional human activities, earthquakes, and even hurricanes. This may lead to permanent loss of data leading to severe consequences.

A reputed CSP deploys several data centers which are interconnected and strategically placed with regular data backups to minimize environmental/human-made damage. So, even if a data center goes down, your CSP can immediately link you to another one and ensure continuous data availability.

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James Stuart
James Stuart May 31 '23
Nice information. QuickBooks is a best financial management solution.

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