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Custom Logo Mats - An Easy Way to Enhance Your Office's Aesthetics | Forum

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macallister Apr 27 '23

Custom logo mats offer an easy solution for improving the aesthetics of your office, by showing off its logo, tagline, or welcoming message in its entrances and hallways. Not only is this form of marketing cost-effective for large enterprises; small businesses can take advantage of its value too!

First Impressions Matter

A positive first impression with customers, clients, members, employees, students, military personnel and soldiers is critical for the success of any business. You only have limited time to make that impactful first impression, and when customers step through your front door you want them to remember you for all of the right reasons.

Customized welcome mats or entrance mats from the famous Ultimate mats can help increase employee morale and brand recognition while protecting floors from dirt and debris. They're an affordable way to increase morale in the workplace as well as improve safety measures and safeguard floors against debris accumulation.

Custom logo mats feature anti-slip backs and durable construction that are essential for businesses with slippery floors, helping prevent employees from slipping and falling onto hazardous surfaces, which could result in injuries for your staff members.

These high-quality Nitrile rubber mats feature superior slip resistance and long-term durability, featuring heat pressed and scratch-resistant logo images for indoor/outdoor use.

Pyramid Rubber Mats are carefully hand-cut from solid rubber matting by talented artists and feature a hand-molded pyramid top for superior traction and an ergonomic knob back for easier cleaning. These logo mats are an excellent solution for high traffic indoor and outdoor areas that need protection from dirt, oil and water contamination.

Berber Supreme Recessed Logo Mats are one of our best-selling heavy-duty custom logo floor mats, with their distinctive Berber pattern making it popular with Class A buildings. Proudly display your company logo or slogan while simultaneously promoting safety messaging on long-lasting Berber carpeting!

Vinyl Link Recessed Logo Mats are an increasingly popular choice among U.S. military facilities, offering a distinct aesthetic look while still featuring our durable long-term construction. Alternating colored links bind the rectangular carpet sections together for an eye-catching way to display your company's logo or important safety messaging.

These recessed logo mats come in an assortment of colors to match any facility decor, featuring designs printed directly onto their textured surface and secured to a heavy-duty nitrile rubber backing, for long-term traction, moisture control, and slip resistance.

Graphic Impressions Logo Mats are an ideal choice for highly trafficked indoor areas, as they utilize state-of-the-art digital printing technology to produce the sharpest logo possible. Furthermore, their dyed logo design ensures an excellent long-lasting finish.

Flocked Berber Logo Mats are an ideal choice for two or three color designs, featuring a hobnail carpet surface emblazoned with your logo in sharp relief. Ideal for high trafficked areas or promotional campaigns.

BobbieHughes Jun 26 '23
Custom logo mats are not only a stylish addition to any space but also serve as functional solutions for protecting floors from dirt and moisture. These mats, personalized with unique designs and branding, offer a warm welcome to visitors while safeguarding the underlying carpet. With their high-quality materials and durable construction, they act as a shield against wear and tear. Gone are the days when moths damaged the carpet, as these logo mats now provide an effective barrier, ensuring the longevity of both the floor covering and the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.
Micaeljames Jan 28

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