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Greg Mar 16 '11

I have a big problem i must change my provider, is possible too transfert my oxwall site? sql and all folder from my old provider and put own my new?, i try but many problem

Many thx for your help

Greg Mar 16 '11
is ok dont find for me thx
Greg Mar 16 '11
well in fact i have some problem sorry

- Impossible to connect on website? user password no work, and say no user exist, and i see user on website
- and i see old url in file in ow_smarty folder, may i change in this files and put new url ?
Sorry for my english
thx for help
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Den Team
Den Mar 17 '11
Hey Greg
After you transfer files and db, you need to set new SITE_URL and Db connection info in file ow_includes/config.php file. Also set 777 recursive permissions to this folder:
- ow_userfiles
- ow_pluginfiles
Let me know if you will have problems with that :)
Greg Mar 17 '11
Hello addenster

Yes i change the folder permission

But i see in this folder ow_smarty\template_c

Many files with my old url, just change all with my new url

I test this night

Thx for help
Thomas Mar 17 '11
FR:Supprime tous les fichiers. Ce sont les fichiers qui sont en cache de oxwall.
EN:Delete all files. This is the cache of oxwall.
Greg Mar 17 '11
Many thx Thomas is good now :p

ma last problem impossible to connect on my website now? password change and i dont know why ??? and note receive message when i ask new password

thx for your help
Greg Mar 17 '11
impossible to join too some old url again ??? but where ?
thx for help, i search but dont find
  ow_debug.JPG (129.64Kb)
Greg Mar 18 '11
i dont understand why old url come to my smarty folder ???
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Mar 19 '11
As for me dangerous
Greg Mar 19 '11
is it possible to modify an existing user in the db to turn in admin user ?

thx for help
Den Team
Den Mar 21 '11
1) Check that you have old value in ow_includes/config.php for OW_PASSWORD_SALT constant. This is the most reason why you can't login as admin.
2) Login to your server as root and remove all smarty's cache files. Or ask your hosting to do it for you.
3) Check that you have new value for SITE_URL in ow_includes/config.php file.

Let me know if it still doesn't work.
Greg Mar 21 '11
Hello Addenster

1 — Great i am so happy yes i put the old constant and now all work for login

2 — Yes ok

3 — Yes i have always old values ???

Sorry but dont find why old value come always

Many thx for help Addenster
Den Team
Den Mar 22 '11
You are welcome :)
Would you PM me with your site URL, FTP and admin details? Our dev team will check it.
Greg Mar 22 '11
ok i send you a pm now