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Manolis Mar 21 '11

I've recently installed oxwall in a subfolder of my website and made all configuration I wanted. Before to make it live, I'd like to point a subdomain to it. I set it up through my host provider but I get a 500 error. I made all changes I could find in this forum in config.php and .httpaccess files but I get the same error.
I am almost sure that it has nothing to do with my host or my core website as I have set up other subdomains and everything was ok and also that oxwall can run in subdomain.
Could you please tell me exactly what and where I need to make changes?

Thanks in advance!
Den Team
Den Mar 22 '11
Hi Manolis!
Would you give more details? Do you try to point your subdomain to oxwall? What did you do for this?
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Manolis Mar 22 '11
Thank you for your answer!

I would like my oxwall website to run on a subdomain of my root domain. Firstly I installed oxwall in a subfolder called ../community/. Then I set up a subdomain community.my-domain.com through my host provider's cp pointing that folder and when I called community.my-domain.com I got a 500 error.
After that I changed this line
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://www.my-domain.com/community/');
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://community.my-domain.com/');
in config.php file but I got the same error.

Then I added the line
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !www.my-domain.com/
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !www\.my-domain\.com$
in .htaccess file but the same error again.
I also removed completely the installation and made it once again from scratch this time in the subdomain but once again I got the same error.
I was worried cause nothing seemed to have an affection. What Do I do wrong?
I remind you that other subdomains of my domain work right!

Thank you!
Den Team
Den Mar 23 '11
Would you check in apache error logs, what exactly error gives apache this this subdomain?
Zie Mar 23 '11
Hi. I have same problem. I want to know, what happen if .htaccess remove?
Manolis Mar 24 '11
Well, I moved on a little bit.
I changed first
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://www.my-domain.com/community/');
define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://community.my-domain.com/');
in config.php file.

Then I renamed .htaccess file to .htaccess.txt and site worked fine so I relized that the problem was there.
Then following another topic here I added the line
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/community/
right after line
RewriteRule (.*) /http-bind [L]
in .htaccess file, uploaded it again and it worked but I could not login. When I make this change while I am logged in everything works just fine so it seems that there is a login problem with this.
Any suggestions what can I do now??
Den Team
Den Mar 24 '11
So, you site works well without .htaccess? This is impossible Sir :) Or you put back .htaccess file?
Manolis Mar 24 '11
:( I read it in my host provider's help guide here:
I also checked website again and works fine without it. I just wanted to repair it so that I have no issues later.