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Fixed Background Image | Forum

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Jacques Feb 5 '13

I have a site www.social-friends.co.za . I want to have the background image static / fixed.


I am using the Origin theme


I have edited the custom css in the admin page as follows:


background-image: url('images/bg.jpg'); /** OW_Control type:image, key:backgroundImage, section: 1. General Settings, label: Page background image **/
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top left;
background-attachment: fixed;


but just no luck......


What am I doing wrong and what do you suggest I do and how do I do it?



Tester Feb 5 '13
I am not sure about .ow_page_container.

Is background-image: url('images/bg.jpg'); repeated anywhere?

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Jacques Feb 6 '13

Thanks for your reply


1. The css file I am editing is the base.css file located within the ow_themes/origin folder.


2. The background-image: url('images/bg.jpg'); is not repeated anywhere within the abovementioned base.css file.





If I am editing the wrong file please point me to the correct file and how to edit the file in order for me to achieve the desired effect if I am doing it wrong as shown above.



Tester Feb 6 '13
The page is correct. My doubt is whether .ow_page_container is the right place. It's bg is usually transparent. A Firefox info check refers your BG picture as http://www.social-friends.co.za/...es/theme_image_6.jpg
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Alia Team
Alia Feb 6 '13
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Tester Feb 25 '13
Jacques: I opened your site to check whether it is working right now.

The site said I am a spammer. :) 

I suppose you are using Antispammer. Beware of that plug in. It has the habit of blocking of your regd members.

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Ajith Jojo
Ajith Jojo Mar 11 '13
add this tag  possition : fixed ;

its maybe work