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idayrare corded
idayrare corded Oct 26 '23
I am in UK have a 1800 Watt panels on rear shed about 220 volts feeding a SB1700 grid tie, i want to change the inverter and add batteries ( 4-9kw) I want solar generated first to use in home and when home has no load the excess to charge battery , battery can be used when solar not generating and any excess still fed back to grid, I do not want to charge battery from grid Can anyone recommend inverter and batteries please (i also have 3 other grid tie systems about 1Kw each in different loications Front and rear roof conservatory roof)
Norman Fallan
Norman Fallan Oct 26 '23
Your plan to upgrade your solar setup and add batteries for energy storage sounds like a great move.For the inverter, you might want to look into options like SolarEdge or Enphase. They're known for their efficiency and compatibility with battery storage systems.Now, speaking of batteries, you should check out what I believe is the best trolling battery for your setup. Trolling batteries are designed for deep-cycle use, making them a solid choice for storing solar-generated energy. Look for reputable brands like Trojan or VMAXTANKS.With your multiple grid tie systems, this setup could help you maximize your solar power usage and minimize reliance on the grid.
NickSun Nov 13 '23
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Roselyn Gonzales
Roselyn Gonzales Dec 11 '23
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sam khan
sam khan Dec 11 '23
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