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Activity notification | Forum

Daniele Feb 13 '13
My site doesn’t send this mail to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days.
The others email (ex. comment on post…registration…mass mailing etc…) work fine.
What I have to check?
Alia Team
Alia Feb 14 '13

>>mail to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days.
What kind of notifications are you expecting to receive?

Users receive only those notifications which they selected to receive under "My Preferences">>Email notifications of their accounts. So may be the user you tested with have just unchecked all notifications?

Daniele Feb 14 '13

Hi Alia, I read in blog that new version 1.5.1 have this new function:

--> Site activity notifications are now sent to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days;

Also ZIMA in blog writes: "For the moment its main purpose is to keep the user in the loop of what’s going on with the site, and increase the return rate through email activity notifications for his profile, if he visits the site irregularly, for instance once in few days."


Daniele Feb 15 '13

Anyone can help me? Anyone know/use this function?




Alia Team
Alia Feb 20 '13
Daniele, "Activity Notifications" is the plugin you are looking for.

Here is how it works.

User in his profile>>preferences>>Email notifications, selects which notifications he would like to receive via email.

If this user was not loged in to your site for more then 2 days, he will get notifications via email. If user logs in, for example, daily, then those notifications will be displayed as "real time" ones under "Notifications" console item ( usually top right corner of your site, but depends on the theme).

So your problem is that user have not visited your site for, let's say 5 days, but notifications are not coming:

1. make sure the user you are testing with, have active notifications  in his profile>>preferences>>Email notifications

2. that user indeed, was not loged in to your site for a long time.

3. make sure that CRON is set up on your server.

4. make sure that notifications are not being sent to "Spam" box.

5. make sure that emails are not being stored on your mail server ( some times emails are not sent because  of  the limit of emails per hour/day).

6. make sure that both the core and the "Activity Notifications" plugin are up to date.

cit27 Feb 20 '13
But in recent days, I always get an email notification from oxwall.org when I almost sign in everyday (not absent)
Daniele Feb 20 '13

Thank you Aliia! What you say works well...

I thought that with this new function, the system automatically created a mail with all last activities on the website...and it sent to all user (who haven’t logged in for more than two days) a summary.

Is it possible to do this? Does it exist a plugin?




Jose Feb 21 '13
How can I eliminate of change the 2 days waiting period for email notifications???

Is there a way???

My users want to receive the notifications when they happen.


Jose Feb 26 '13
Any idea how to remove the 2 day waiting period for email notifications?  Anybody?


Jose Mar 19 '13


Change line  in  public function findUserIdListForSend( $count, $period = null )

$period = 24 * 3600;     for anything  else   like   $period = 600;   for 10 minutes