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Ask Alexa | Forum

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idayrare corded
idayrare corded Nov 13 '23
Ask Alexa. Ya' that smart speaker from Amazon.
I don't have an Alexa but if you do have one here are 55 questions you can ask Alexa to torment it or get some crazy answers.
Alexa, how tall am I?
Alexa, can you give me some money?
Rajesh Rajpo
Rajesh Rajpo Nov 13 '23
I didn't want these in my house.

There's two of them. Pisses me off.

Of course there's your cell phone listening. Some smart TVs...on and on.

I'm not sure its worth continuing to be irritated about because I also think it's a battle we lost a long time before we even knew it started.

They can see you license plate from space since the 1980s already. People who think they're going to hide or be "off grid" are simply incorrect.
William Hopster
William Hopster Nov 13 '23
Two years on, and Alexa's still got those quirky comebacks and easter eggs that make us chuckle. It's always fun to see what responses you'll get from those smart speakers. Did you ever give in and get one to test out those questions yourself?
For those who love to keep up with the latest on tech and smart devices, Multitechverseis a great spot to stay updated. They've got the scoop on all the tech trends, including the newest smart home gadgets. So, what's the most hilarious or surprising answer you've gotten from a smart speaker so far?
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