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Bitcoin or not to bitcoin | Forum

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Kolby Pham
Kolby Pham Dec 7 '23
Just a random community question before i invest any of my time into my WPDA wordpress plugin.

I will soon come to billing and woocommerce integration within my plugin to automate hosting packages etc, and as i have spent alot of time for clients on building PHP integrations into altcoins and bitcoin nodes, i wondered if there was any point in me putting these functions to use in my plugin, users could use the bitcoin/altcoin as a site currency to pay for DA services / packages etc within our WPDA wordpress plugin.

A bitcoin node has its own remote API interface so hooking into new transactions etc is very simple and could be intergrated with DA through my plugin.

Will people use this feature??
Claudette Leanna
Claudette Leanna Dec 8 '23
Some peoples pay us for hosting/servers/domains/vpn using bitcoins/ether - so maybe they will pay for plugins too. At our case it's about 2% payments, but in my country crypto not popular at all..
Pari Palmer
Pari Palmer Dec 8 '23
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Marry Bondi
Marry Bondi Dec 11 '23
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