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no installation page | Forum

Dennian Feb 21 '13
Hello everyone,

I am super new to working with web servers but know my way around (basics).

So, my folder structure is like this:


the oxwall folder above is where all the files are I unzipped.

Here is my problem, I am trying to install oxwall and I am on the step of installing from my web browser.

Using "mysite" as my domain name:

Whenever I type in mysite.com/install or mysite.com/oxwall/install the browser redirects me to an index file (a webpage) that is already in the root of the folder. (i.e. /var/www/index.html)

Is there anyway I can get around this index page and access the installation script for oxwall?

If this topic is old can someone please indicate where I can find a solution.

cit27 Feb 21 '13
mb this tutorial can help you: http://docs.oxwall.org/install:index
Dennian Feb 21 '13
Thanks but I already went through that.

From what I noticed so far is that the install script is not running. I also looked around and saw that it may have something to do with my .htaccess file.
Also this server is using Nginx, maybe that can make a difference.. I know most installations are on Apache.

I've tried installing it in both the root folder and a sub directory to see if it would make a difference. Whenever I try to go to 'http://mysite.com/install' or 'http://mysite.com/oxwall/install' i got the same problem of getting redirected to an index.html page in the root folder.

I'm completely lost now and have been searching for hours. Please help.

Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 27 '13
You should convert rules from the .htaccess file to your Nginx configuration to make the scropt work properly.