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Having difficulty uploading Oxwall to HostGator | Forum

Jazzy Feb 25 '13
Initially I was able to upload an older version from HostGator and try to upgrade but had problems. Then I deleted the directory and attempted to install it manuel from your website, but i failed. 

1. Could it be that Oxwall requires the upload to be on the main page (index domain)? First time I uploaded Oxwall, I was able to make it a directory/sub folder, called network. I am trying to understand why I'm having such difficulty uploading it manually. 

2. I deleted only the directory file (only 1 file). When uploading manually (starting over) I asked myself... could the reason why im having so much problem is because there might have been another file that i did not delete and is contradicting with the new upload? 

Can anybody help? Right now, I'm in the process of recovering the file... I believe its 1.4. If I am able to recovery, can I get a critical step-by-step on how to update the old software? 

Ronnel DC
Ronnel DC Feb 25 '13
PM me i can help you.
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 26 '13
Just to clarify - are you requesting a file from Oxwall 1.4? Or do you need assistance with the update? What do you mean by upload? You cannot upload an archive?

Please find Oxwall 1.4.1 attached.

  oxwall-1.4.1.zip (5318.33Kb)
Johan Feb 26 '13
I have had very good help from HOSTGAOT LIVE CHAT with getting my site installed.. whether on a sub directory or the main www folder. BUT !!!!! In all the years that I have been using OXWALL on HOSTGATOR ..I was never (and still cannot) able to SEND email from my oxwal sites that I have ands had on HOSTGATOR...
Antbody have the solution for that ?
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 27 '13
Johan, search for solution here on forum or create a topic in Bug Reports and Troubleshooting with more details. Don't post replies irrelevant to the topic subject. Thank you.
Jazzy Mar 1 '13
Michael, thanks for getting back to me. I originally had the 1.4 v uploaded onto my site as a subdirectory called /network. The problem was, I could not update it to the latest version. So instead of requesting help, I decided to delete the /network folder (v 1.4) and came here to get the latest version and manually try to upload it myself by using the directions provided by your company. I still could not get it to work. So now I'm at a dead end and cannot get the original 1.4.1 or the latest version uploaded to my host account. 

The whole reason why I wanted to update from 1.4 to the latest was because I could not get Facebook integration sign up to work, and thought it had to do with the old version I had. 

Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 1 '13
So are you getting an error on your site? I need more details in order to assist you.
david frost
david frost Sep 24 '15
Hi Johan, were you able to fix the email problems? It would be nice to see the steps for this to be set up please. 
The Forum post is edited by david frost Sep 24 '15
ross Team
ross Sep 27 '15
David, do you experience problems with the e-mails from your website?

If so, please specify which ones, with the sign-up e-mails or notification e-mails?