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All group posts in news feed. | Forum

Aditya Mar 6 '13
In my site, there is nothing like 'private groups', and being a budding community I would really like to show what's going on *everywhere* in the site on first visit.

Reading a few older threads, I see that the Oxwall team is opposed to this feature. So I would like to develop this myself. May I please get a pointer to help with this taks? There's docs on making plugins (not completely enough yet IMHO, developers would benefit greatly if there was a navigable API similar to Drupal, Laravel, etc).
Can I hook into the main Newsfeed with a plugin? I am thinking of going thru all the groups, watching for new activity and publishing that to the news feed (that means I'll have to keep a record of the last item published from each group to check against). Sounds pretty inefficient so if anyone has ideas they will be much appreciated.

Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 18 '13
I don't quite got the idea of your plugin. What will it be doing? Do you want to create private groups plugin?
Aditya Mar 18 '13
Hi Michael, thanks for responding.

No, I mean the opposite. Forum posts and wall feeds in the groups do not show up in the main newsfeed. Users are missing out on what is potentially great and useful content. I'd like ALL activity inside groups (group forum posts and wall posts) to also show up on the main newsfeed.

Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 27 '13
And what if that a group with tens or hundreds of members? Your newsfeed will be full of updates from that group then - not very user-friendly, is it?
Aditya Mar 27 '13
Hi Michael, that would be a great problem to have indeed! However, we are not at that stage right now, and doing this modification may very well be one of the improvements that takes us to hundreds of members per group.

I suppose most Oxwall install's that start out are in the same boat too. So if the team would like to implement this, maybe they could provide a way to switch in the admin dashboard with a checkbox or something.

But that's a different story, it's okay if the core team has a different opinion. I just want to have it this way on my site, is it possible? If so, where do I need to look to modify?

matt Mar 27 '13
+1 for Aditya's Question.

I had the same thoughts and questions a while back. Wanting to use oxwall for anything other than huge public sites, seems to form a heresy to the core devs :)  Those of us who run small and vibrant communities seem to loose out.

I agree, having options to decide for ourselves how our community site will run, seems optimal. But, I suspect, that the plugin devs will come to the rescue.



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Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 3 '13
Consider about posting this suggestion at oxwall.uservoice.com as this would require a lot of code modifications and we cannot give you instructions on how to make Newsfeed work the way you want.
Kenny S
Kenny S Aug 30 '16
Any progress on this plugin? Or instructions on how to make the changes. This is still a good option to have.
Kenny S
Kenny S Aug 30 '16
Any progress on this plugin? Or instructions on how to make the changes. This is still a good option to have.